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October 5, 2009

“ONE MORE DAY . . .”
what’s that? oh, it’s the rallying wail that josh and i always seem to be uttering at the end of every vacation. but this time, i think it’s particularly appropriate. talk about an abrupt end to the festivities! our apartment is a disaster, there is laundry as far as the eye can see, and i have multiple projects on the horizon.

you know what, though? it’s okay.

this week is going to be a catch-up week, but i don’t have to get everything done at once! i took some time on the plane ride home to write everything down, as shown above — a trick that always makes me feel better. after all, if i can fit it all on one sheet of paper, I CAN GET IT DONE!

you know what else makes everything better?

a rainbow of muji pens!

goals for the week
☑ work on chipping away at the mess in our apartment bit by bit
☑ catch up on sleep! (vacation was fun but not restful)
☑ spend time working on upcoming projects
☑ read daily for my new rotation: genetics & metabolism
☑ back to regularly-scheduled runs and workouts
☑ easy, simple dinners — a bit of a detox from all of the (delicious but decadent) restaurant food i’ve eaten all week. i’m dying to cook, but i need a little doin’ time break!

who am i kidding? this list actually makes me pretty happy. i crave routine and enjoy getting back into the swing of things! sitting here and writing this post after eating my ‘usual’ breakfast was even more wonderful than usual because it’s the first time in a while i’ve been able to do it. it may be boring, but i’m glad i enjoy my “regular” life.

i’m also on backup call again for the week — and it sounds like there are multiple sick residents, so it’s fairly likely that at some point i’m going to be called to step up to the plate (HOPEFULLY not in the PICU . . . ). in fact, i’ll just assume that it IS going to happen so that i’m not dismayed when it does. this means planning ahead and making the most of my time when i do have it this week!


vacation rundown

past week’s workouts: 4, but only if you count the 1.5 mile run josh and i did on wednesday!
total of 28.5 miles (13-mile long run with emily, 8 mile tempo run, 6 miles with kath, and 1.5 with josh)

alcohol-free nights: two, i believe

desserts eaten: many!

money spent: freely

overall value of the week-long escape?: priceless.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    those pens make me happy too. they remind me of the jelly-roll pens that were really popular in middle school!

    and writing things down like you did always makes any list of tasks more manageable for me. youre right too about creating routines, they make me feel all comfy and happy about my "regular" life too 🙂

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Just catching up…looks like you had an awesome vacation! I hate the day before going back (like Sundays…) since you realize it&#39s all coming to an end. But it looks like you made the most of your time off!

  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I actually love coming home to my routine too. My usual breakfast is something I miss on vacation.

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