June 16, 2010

you are all so wise
first off, thank you all for your wonderful, helpful, and supportive comments on yesterday‘s post. i read all of them at least twice! the overarching themes were:

■ it’s appropriate and good to be nervous about fitting
everything in, but . . .

■ but you end up figuring out your priorities along the way, and . . .

■ it’s totally and completely worth it.

i will likely write more about this topic in posts to come. and hopefully eventually i will someday be able to post that cheesy and completely clichéd ultrasound picture post that always brings tears to my eyes when i see it on other blogs (seriously, i get that excited!).

the iPhone question
so on a completely different (and much more superficial) note, everyone’s talking about the new iPhone 4. while i may be equipped with quite the armistice of paper planning products, i am still rocking a beat-up motorola RAZR (yes, very 2005!). to add to its overall awesomness, said RAZR cannot hold its battery life for more than 6 hours and emits a whiny beep incessantly throughout the day until i dig it out of my bag and turn it off.

the thing is, i haven’t really been plagued with iPhone lust. now, i am a lover of the mac (along with the rest of my generation these days!) and truly appreciate the company’s dual attentions to function AND form. i was an early iPod fanatic and i’ve been typing up my posts on a mac laptop for more than 4 years now. but while smartphones do have some fun features, i haven’t truly felt a need for one in my life.

yesterday in clinic one of the interns was trying to convince me to get one. my verizon contract is coming to an end this september, so i’ll have the option of switching to AT&T if i want. this intern’s main selling point was the apps.

“there’s this one app,” he said, eagerly, “that collects ALL of our confirmation numbers for any trip that you’re taking and puts them into one document! hotels, flight numbers, anything else!”. i whipped out my beloved space 24 and demonstrated how my planner had the same feature — and required no powering up nor battery life.

he had me beat with the built-in maps and GPS, however. but i’m not sure those things alone are worth it, especially since i already have a GPS i use in my car (ie: the best thing ever to happen to me).

then, apple is pushing videophone capabilities:

except — i don’t WANT face time on the phone. i want to be able to sort the laundry or scrub toilets while i talk, and i want to be able to do so completely naked if i so choose.

anyway. obviously, i’m unconvinced. i think i might mull it over for a while, and consider a blackberry-type device instead to allow for easy emailing. in this area, verizon service is much better than AT&T anyway. then again, i might get swept up eventually and i have to admit the iPhone is pretty.

do you iPhone? do you love it? or are you sick of hearing about it?

extra, extra
this just in! look who released her very own fragrance:

straight from orla kiely‘s facebook page! and of course, the bottle is absolutely adorable.

but what does it smell like? according to my perfume life, the scent includes notes of green tea, peach, bergamot Rose Absolute (whatever that is), white flowers, chocolate, musk, tonka bean, cedarwood, and sandalwood.

they had me at green tea. sounds and looks delicious!



workout: 4 miles easy (~9:30/mi) + 20 minutes core yoga from yogadownload. the core session was TOUGH, especially having done abs/arms the day prior!

clean eating cookthrough: here’s an example of a recipe i may not have chosen to make, but that we both really enjoyed:

buffalo chicken with buttermilk-feta sauce + sautéed escarole

+ half a shiner bock in a NERDY glass. you can guess who had 1.5!
i used cholula hot sauce to make the chicken marinade and it turned out super-spicy — but the yogurt/feta sauce helped to cool things down a lot. i am excited to turn this into one fabulous wrap for lunch today!

here’s a link to the recipe — although note that i used 2% greek yogurt and regular feta rather than the fat-free ingredients listed, and just subbed 1% milk for buttermilk. yes, i tend to “dirty” up the CE recipes a bit, but i still think the end-products come out quite healthy (and still relatively “clean”!).

for the escarole (which CE suggests as a side), just coarsely chop and then sautée in a little bit of olive oil. a few minutes in, add 2 cloves minced garlic and a tablespoon of hot sauce, and then top with sesame seeds. i had never made escarole before but josh and i both thought it was a good accompaniment.


  • Reply Whit March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    The iPhone is amazing, but the droid is very competitive, so if you don&#39t want to leave verizon, and don&#39t care about face time, it pretty much rocks. I&#39m going with that in nov when I have an upgrade.

  • Reply lee@In My Tummy March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I love my iphone!

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    No advice on the phone thing. My brother-in-law has an iPhone, and it&#39s pretty cool, but I&#39m one of those people who likes their phone to do phone stuff and that&#39s it.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    i think i&#39m breaking down and getting the new iphone when it gets released. i really want a smartphone and think that it&#39ll be really useful but i don&#39t want to feel the need to give up my pen and paper. guess i don&#39t have to…and i don&#39t want to get caught up in having email at my fingertips. i like being able to shut my computer down…but

    it&#39s SO TEMPTING. so i think i&#39m going to get it haha

  • Reply Siobhan Brady March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I am an I-phone fanatic!! In fact – just pre-ordered the #4 yesterday. What apps I love – Mobile checkin (jer&#39s varieties of course!), This American Life, Remember the milk (a handy note taker app which lets you set priorities, and syncs with my Gmail/work email), the calendar (which also syncs with Gmail), journal apps (oh so science geeky), the NY Times App, the Wikpedia app, and the ability to watch movies while on long plane rides.

    The things I hate – AT&T signal!!! Some days are worse than others. Things are better now that students are on break – but there are some days where my calls continuously drop, or I get no signal (even though we live practically beside a cell tower)..

    Also – there is a good running app that a friend of mine uses, but I don&#39t trust it&#39s ability to measure distance accurately..

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