slow & steady

August 29, 2010

maybe i should be on home call more often . . .
twitter makes studying more fun
yesterday turned out to be quite a productive (and enjoyable) day! it helped that the pager was nearly silent, and i didn’t even have to go in to round. the 2nd- and 3rd-year endocrine fellows had told me that there were some weekends that were practically dead, but this has been the first one where i have been on call and haven’t even had to go into the hospital.

(and no, it’s not because my pager is still swimming in an arborio-rice sea. i did get 2 calls via my phone, so i know the system still works!).

i was able to plow through most of my to-do list, including catching up on some studying and patient notes that have been languishing on my back burner for far too long.

AND i even made it to anthro — despite my publicly broadcasted failure above, i still could not resist a little treat at my favorite store. since i was making returns and had a gift card, i still felt good about leaving having spent negative $150 (ie: i returned something pricey and came out ahead)!

the spitalfields skirt looks to me like something i might have bought at macy’s in the 10th grade — maybe that’s why i LOVE it.
it fit perfectly (not surprising that many of the online reviewers found it too short), i absolutely love the burnished-gold color, and i think it will make an excellent transition piece.

organization/productivity link ♥: sunday brunch edition
craving motivation? thinking about how you want to spend your sunday, august 29th 2010? i came across a few interesting posts yesterday along this vein and figured i might as well group them together. enjoy these tasty (and useful) bites of information with your pancakes and omelettes this AM!

appetizer: an interesting post from quo vadis about the benefits of writing things down. after all, without a paper list, you don’t get to perform the immensely satisfying “check-SWOOOOSH!” (morgan‘s term that i believe captures that triumphant rush quite well).

entrée: i like the idea of a “things you WON’T do again” list (described here on unclutterer, who got the idea from the awesomely named F#@*-it list on a popular blog).

— i will not force myself to finish a book i started if i don’t like it
— i will not make purchases of silly things just because they are on sale
— i will not overschedule myself, leading to an unpleasant rush through the entire day

i haven’t come up with a good top 5 of my own yet, but it’s certainly food for thought!

dessert: i came across this older zen habits post shortly after the pager immersion incident, and realized that it probably happened because i was thrashing about the kitchen in some sort of (completely unnecessary) rush to get some caffeine into my system, STAT!!! i needed leo’s nicely written reminder to stop hurrying. his words:

Let’s let go of the obsession with speed, and instead slow down, stop rushing, and enjoy life.

lovely and appropriate advice — especially for a sunday.