on not training

January 13, 2011

“are you training for anything right now?”
i used to be thrilled when a coworker or friend asked me this seemingly casual question. what, someone was actually giving me permission to pepper the conversation with comparisons of various races and training plans, and perhaps even to delve into more specific intricacies of my preferred sport, such as what the BEST gel flavor is and aren’t asics wayyyy better than mizunos?

i mean, obviously . . .
i also loved foraging the blogworld for discussions on race selection and — my absolute favorite — training plan development. there’s something magical about a 12-16 week program, all neatly laid out with a singular goal in mind: kicking your own ass in a race (at least, that’s how it always felt to me).

in training for past races, i’ve done runner’s world, pfitz, daniels, FIRST — i could keep going, but i think you get my drift. the more complicated and specific (ie, run X miles at Y pace, then do these exact intervals, followed by a cooldown of Z miles), the more magical these instructions seemed. and after a few cycles, it was even MORE fun to make up my own mashup plan, carefully copying each week’s workouts into my planner leading up to the big event.

fast-forward to now
this is my 4th week of running dramatically reduced mileage from what i am used to: a maximum of 10 miles/week. and if i’m being honest, i might as well admit that this is not doing it for me. like drinking 1/3 of a beer (which i’m also avoiding . . . sigh), or taking one bite of a brownie, the little 3 milers feel like a tease and are wholly unsatisfying.

a far cry from my marathon training days
you all probably know why i’m doing this by now, but if not, it’s in the bottom part of this post. interestingly (and somewhat to my dismay), i know from the ultrasounds that are done to monitor my ovaries’ response to the fertility medications that my body seems to be a fan of this change. and therefore, i am going to stick with it until (hopefully) it pays off.

but my mind? not so much.

it doesn’t help that in the past 2 (two!) days, i have gotten the following announcements in my inbox:

ooh, that looks fun
and so does that!
ooh, and i’ve done that one before!
not my scene, but interesting!
now that’s just rubbing salt in my wounds
training plans are all over the blogworld, too (just a few recent examples: hardcore!, organized, sloppy (but in a good way!), varied). i try to resist clicking on the links — but i can’t.

even josh is training for something — although to his credit, he chose an event that looks pretty much like my worst nightmare:

i never want to run a race officially called “the gauntlet”
races involving mud and large barriers aside, i have to admit it: i’m envious. i miss feeling really in shape, i miss tempos + intervals, and oh GOD i miss my luscious weekend long runs.

i’m not sure what my point is with all of this complaining, because really? i am so lucky. i could have much, MUCH bigger problems. i know that i will train (for real!) again, and that every mile i’m not pounding out now will be 100% worth it. i suppose i just wanted to share how i was feeling with the change, because it is a significant one for me.

oh, and seriously?

someone up there has a mean sense of humor . . . [source]
i’m happy for her. but i’m also amazed!



workout: nada. i skipped out on yoga yesterday, and it was a mistake. i will have to remind myself of this next time!

so easy: pizza night rules.

amy’s pesto pizza + salad
this meal is always a winner — and takes about 10 minutes to throw together. i like having one in my freezer as a fallback option at all times.