weekend manifesto

January 15, 2011

3 days of freedom
ahhh! i’m getting all excited just thinking about it. here’s what i plan on doing with my time:

i also plan on calling and catching up with family + some friends. ooh, and there are also some movies out right now that i’m interested in (black swan and morning glory in particular) so one of these may find a way in somehow.

if i get really motivated, i also might spend a little time working on organizing our budget (umm, or creating one, as currently no such thing exists — to the delight of both whole foods and anthropologie). finally, i would like to discover one new music artist (why not?). as you can see, i’m pretty open!

here’s what i do not plan on doing with my time
hang out in front of this computer. i will check email twice daily (MAX!) and spend a maximum of 30 minutes of time online daily (in addition to writing my post, of course).

feel sorry for myself in any way. [hopefully it’s out of my system!]

this post is ubershort because the my listmaking soulmate vickie is here (along with her wonderful boyfriend travis, who did not blink an eye when we spent about 15 minutes comparing each other’s planners) and we have some serious stationery shopping to do!

happy saturday! tell me i’m not the only one who relishes making a list for how i will spend time off! what kind of adventures will you be seeking this weekend?