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March 7, 2011

did that just happen?
“that” refers to the weekend, in this case. those two days went by SUPERFAST! i am not sure whether that is a good or bad thing, but i suppose it is what it is.

week 1 of my 40-day journey also flew by! i will be starting week 2 tomorrow, so i thought i would post a recap of the past 7 days today.

this week’s theme was presence. i addressed this at least tangentially in a few posts: clear list, clear mind?, weekend presence, and yesterday when i wanted to just acknowledge some negative thoughts. [thank you all for your sweet responses, by the way — i KNEW those thoughts were silly in some ways, but they were all real, and i wanted to explore how much easier it is to be self-critical sometimes than it is to be forgiving and appreciative of what we have.]

daily yoga practice:
— 3 75-minute sessions at blue point, generally with at least a partial power/vinyasa component
— 2 75-minute audio flows at home [from the bootcamp box
— 1 quick 20-minute full-body flow, also from the box

during the session at blue point yesterday, the instructor (locals, it was brooks – she’s great!) encouraged us to try to focus only on each pose while we were in it, not letting our minds move onto the previous or future poses. i thought this was a wonderful exercise in presence and was able to stick to it, for the most part.

balancing diet: i was supposed to be focusing on hot/cold body patterns and thinking about my body’s needs. perhaps i THOUGHT about it, but i actually feel like i made a fair number of bad dietary choices [choices that answered to WANTS and not actual NEEDS]. perhaps just realizing this is the first step, and subsequent weeks can be used to try to put thoughts into practice.

meditation + focus: i was able to complete the 2 x 5 minute meditations most days, although there were a couple of evening sessions that i skipped. i did struggle with presence of mind during these sittings, but i am trying not to judge — just to instead acknowledge, and move on!

i did think at least a little bit about the excavation questions each day (it really helped that i included them in my posts!). and i did quite well with part 2 of my goal, which was to wean myself from two everyday distractions that take away from presence: for me, email + the internet.

specifically, my goals were to:

✔ check email no more than three times daily — while i wasn’t perfect and it was challenging, i stuck to this limit most days and i plan on keeping it in place.
✔ spend only purposeful time online — i think i adhered to this one pretty well, too. yes, i did watch 3 episodes of grey’s anatomy on hulu yesterday, but i did so consciously and enjoyed the down-time a great deal.

yet another program: project simplify
i actually think that simple mom‘s project simplify will mesh very naturally with the 40DR, and so — yes — i’m taking this one on, too! the weekend’s assignment was to create a family mission statement. asking my lovely husband for ideas, he came up with:

♥ not being a buttface
♥ be lazy
♥ eat bonbons

rather than fire him on the spot, i tried to incorporate his ideas, but with (i hope) a little more grace:

not sure exactly where bonbons fit in (or even what they are, really!?) but i think we can make it work.

shopping the pantry
on an unrelated note, as i mentioned, i was slightly horrified by the total $ spent at whole foods last month. this saturday, i pretty much blew our weekly budget just on ingredients for our little dinner party, so i made the executive decision NOT to buy any specific recipe ingredients for this week. instead, we will be living off of the contents of our pantry, fridge, and freezer (plus one CSA delivery from bella bean).

a brief excavation of the cabinets yielded the following carbs:

a decent protein selection (we have eggs + cheese, too)

a variety of flavorful ‘extras’:

plus plenty of local + organic produce from the CSA.

it feels odd not to have a true plan for the week . . .

vague much?
but i really don’t think we’re in any danger of going hungry.



workout: 75 minute all-levels class @ BP. i missed my weights session #2 this past week. it has been hard, because on a day i do a full-length yoga class it’s really hard to get myself to also lift. i will address that this week by scheduling things a bit more realistically.

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