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March 27, 2011

everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy
i had a great time at the race yesterday morning! i can’t remember the last time i’ve finished a 5K without gunning my way towards the finish with a look of absolute misery on my face. apparently, when you run a course without ‘racing’ it, you get to just enjoy it — the conversations with your running buddies, the man dressed up in a gorilla suit [chasing his friend dressed as a banana], and the community flavor of it all.

it occurred to me midway through [when i was tempted to have sad flashbacks to actually racing] that hey — it’s truly great that i can still run! even if it is at a different level, it is still running. and despite the fact that i am not in “racing shape” [whatever that even means — it’s not like i was ever about to give kara or deena* any competition!], i am still what most people would consider fit.

✰ i have the time, energy and desire to keep running in my life — an activity that i love AND is good for me!

✰ i am lucky enough to have no major injuries right now preventing me from running [or walking, for that matter].

really, life is good. or really, it’s great. amazing, even.

* or, for that matter, jess or karyn, or susan!


i’ve seen that video before, but i was reminded of it yesterday after listening to a philosopher’s notes podcast [featuring the book the amazing power of deliberate intent by jerry and esther hicks]. according to the podcast and notes, this book focuses on the idea of deliberate living [including deliberate thinking . . . which is a hard thing for me to wrap my mind around, but an interesting idea!], but also opened up with a reminder that life on earth rocks.

sunday snippets: planned
♥ more running

♥ more yoga [blue point extended my package . . . and they’re actually extending ALL packages to 1 year!! could i love them any more!?]

♥ calling [and making plans with!] my sister. apparently no one calls anyone anymore . . . but i think i would actually like to buck the trend and call MORE, not less!

♥ this, at the local library:

why not?



workout: 3.1 miles between 9:30 and 10:00/mi, run on a 5K course with friends.

watch out, cooking light! i have to admit i was very proud of myself last night for making up a recipe myself. usually, when left to my own devices i end up doing something very boring and remembering why generally, i follow recipes written by people who know what they are doing.

last night, however, i just got inspired . . .

in case anyone would like to recreate this meal [it was super easy, and josh and i thought it was great!], here is the recipe:

whole wheat shells with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and an egg on top
whole wheat shells
fresh baby spinach leaves [from a bag is fine]
onion + garlic, salt + pepper, extra-virgin olive oil
sundried tomatoes
grated parmigiano-reggiano [ie, good parmesan]

1. get your pasta water boiling, because the rest of this meal takes very little time to make!

2. sautée some onion (i used 1/2 of a large) in some olive oil over medium heat; once somewhat soft, add minced garlic

3. while that’s happening, toast walnuts and chop up a few sundried tomatoes

4. probably by this point, the water is boiling and the pasta can go in!

5. once onion and garlic look pretty done, add a bunch of spinach and the sundried tomatoes; toss and cook until wilted. set aside.

6. drain the pasta when done, leaving it a little wet. once back on the stove, add some parmesan and the spinach/sundried tomato/onion mixture.

7. make eggs the way you like them — one for each person — over easy or sunny-side-up!

8. put pasta into shallow bowls and top with walnuts, an egg, and extra parm.

9. serve, preferably with some red wine!

enjoy! josh also thought it would be good with bacon, but then again he says that about everything . . . if you try the recipe, let me know what you think!

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