true confessions

March 23, 2011

from the bottom of my heart

★ sometimes i put something on a list that i’ve already done, just for that little buzz of accomplishment that comes from checking it off

healthier than crack, i suppose
★ i’ve been fantasizing about buying and re-reading mrs. piggle wiggle ever since i wrote this post

★ i am sure the amount of $ i have invested in pregnancy tests over the past 6 months is well over 3 digits

★ i’m having a pretty hard time being all zen and accepting about my yoga injury [and yes: it still hurts]

★ if it weren’t for vanity, i’d probably never lift a weight again.

[however, i would still run and do yoga.]
★ i have my in-training exam [for pediatric endocrinology] today and am slightly regretting my decision to stop studying regularly after work

★ i can’t remember the last time i dusted

★ i, too, have pregdar

★ sometimes i just don’t want to cook dinner . . . and this happens:

cereal saves the day night
★ my definition of auto maintenance is bringing my car to get fixed when it breaks

★ even when it’s gorgeous out, sometimes i would just rather hit the treadmill with a magazine

★ sometimes i buy notebooks and then have to make up a reason to use them

these have been in the wings for some time now
thank you all!
for your amazing generosity yesterday! there is still time to donate or enter the book giveaway! the winner will be announced on saturday morning — and once again, you do not have to donate to enter, just leave a comment with your favorite book on the end of yesterday’s post.

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