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April 3, 2011

roller coaster
apartment-hunting yesterday was such a crazy, emotional experience! who knew? in the end, it came down to the two places i wrote about yesterday. i truly believe that BOTH would make absolutely wonderful places to live — and in the end felt so lucky to be choosing between two really amazing options.

when we visited trinity commons, we were so impressed with the amenities [absolutely UNREAL, amazing apartment gym — plus multiple pools and a hot tub!], the proximity to work, and the completely pristine spaces with stylish fixtures. we actually put down a deposit right then and there, and i called my sister to tell her we had found a place.

however, we still had an appointment to take one last look at another available apartment at west village [we had been on their waitlist for months now]. similar square footage and just a tad more $, but a completely different layout. less awesome amenities, but definitely a more fun area. less newness, but more character with ultrahigh ceilings, brick walls, and a modern-yet-historic look. we wouldn’t be able to walk to work [it’s a 5-minute drive], but we would be able to walk to go out to a movie or to a whole array of great restaurants.

to be honest, we were so taken with trinity commons that we almost didn’t make it back to WV to look! but, we decided not to cancel, for the reasons above and also in part because we really liked the agent we had worked with. we were all set just to take a quick peek and give them our regrets, but then we saw the space — and it was just dramatic and gorgeous with a different sort of energy. and all of the sudden, we were back to indecisiveness!

we were thrown — a few days ago, we were worried about not having anywhere to move into at all, and then all of the sudden we had TWO fantastic options! we decided to head back to trinity commons for one last time to see how we felt. josh pointed out that our bedroom set might not fit in the smaller master bedroom. then, we noticed that even from the 6th floor space, you could hear the erwin road traffic pretty clearly outside [this didn’t bother me at all but i think it bugged josh].

so we regrouped at [right-next-door] loyo . . .

and over this random [but good] combo of dulce de leche and honey-lavender with blueberries, we decided that the west village unit really SPOKE to us and that this was a great time to live downtown.

tobacco warehouse/urban loft/downtown durham living, here we come!
i’m already excited about decorating, organizing, and minimizing a bit [i refuse to ruin all of the beautiful clean lines in this space with clutter]. there is less storage space, so i think we will need to get rid of some things, but personally i think that’s actually a positive!

so that’s that
and now we can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend, knowing that we will NOT be homeless in two months.

on the docket:
♥ “long” run [~5 mi]
♥ yoga class with k!
♥ brunch at watts grocery
♥ the usual home affairs [laundry!]
♥ shopping & meal planning
♥ if time: listing some ebay items for sale



workout: 70 minute dave farmar podcast. these classes are SO challenging for me! the hard part is that by the time he gets to the more ‘fun’ poses, my muscles are so fried from the zillion chaturangas that have already happened that i have trouble doing much of anything. but at least it’s a great workout — both physical and mental!

i don’t know, CL
cooking light recipes almost always work for me, but i struggled with this fingerling potato-leek hash. i followed the instructions, and found that the leeks became burnt while the potatoes cooked, and then the greens got a little too toasted while the eggs cooked [and by that point, the potatoes were charring too].

the combination of flavors were good, but i would revamp the instructions, perhaps pre-baking the potatoes or doing them in a separate pan.

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