iron chef: southwest edition

April 29, 2011

if this whole doctoring thing doesn’t work out . . .
we could all open up an endocrine-themed chili restaurant somewhere! complete with carb counts [even pre-calculated insulin boluses!] + a gluten-free option for all of our celiac patients, of course.

i have always wanted to participate in an iron chef style cook-off. who knew that the peds endocrine summer school would be the time for this dream to finally come to fruition!?

clearly, the resort had the activity down to a science. we were broken up into teams and ushered into a room with a big table topped with communal ingredients:

various meats, vegetables, beans, spices, and other chili essentials
each station was equipped with a burner, cutting board, knife, and other tools. we got RIGHT to work char-grilling bell peppers over the flame!

we decided to go for a simple tomato-based beef chili with kidney beans, pinto beans, peppers, and corn. it was tempting to just want to add EVERYTHING, but i thought we did a great job reigning ourselves in!

YPC expertly seasoning the meat
a splash of red wine got added at the end for extra depth and a little pizzazz . . .


seriously: pure unbridled glee, that is.
the finished product . . .

i was so proud of our chili! we didn’t end up taking home the blue ribbon [team #4 went a little wild with cocoa powder and admittedly their end result was pretty awesome] but i did enjoy the fruits of our labor.

the event totally inspired me to throw an iron-chef style bash at our apartment someday — the whole judging thing just takes it up a notch and adds to the fun [the wine didn’t hurt, either].

this part of the conference really has been so much fun. i survived my talk, learned a lot of pediatric endocrinology, and [most importantly] met many of my future colleagues, who are truly a wonderful bunch.

switching gears
. . . and now i’m off to denver the rest of the conference, which will be a lot less intimate [but hopefully still educational + enjoyable]. but FIRST i will be meeting up with sarah, a local reader [um, i sort of can’t believe i get to say that!] to go to a hot vinyasa class at core power.

to be completely honest, i am totally scared — i’ve never been to hot yoga before, and i am miserable running in anything over 80 degrees.

we’re going to a CP2 class. 95 degrees!?
if i survive, i’ll proudly tell you all about it! and if i don’t, i’ll just blame the altitude.



workout: eating chili + drinking wine. oh, and a 30 minute run on the treadmill at an average 10:00/mi pace, 0.5% incline. i kept it really conservative due to the altitude, and it really did feel WAY harder than that!

[aside: one nice thing about not training for anything? i really didn’t care. it was a workout, so . . . whatever!]

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