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April 18, 2011

but i do what i want!
as much as i love lists [and i do — a LOT!], even on the most productive of weekends, my id retains some control over the operation that is . . . my life.

and as a result, i end up with baked goods emerging from the oven at an alarming rate [CHECK!] while the powerpoint presentation on the efficacy of continuous glucose sensors languishes in last place, ultimately receiving the dreaded DASH [translation: i’ll do it later, when i feel like it.]

but you know what? it’s okay! i got a ton of stuff done this weekend, and i will have time to finish the work project this week — it’s only a 10-15 minute baby presentation, anyway.

making scones, going to lunch with my lovely sister at guglhupf, and going for a lovely 5-mile run in the sun yesterday were all fun activities, and i don’t regret any of them. for me, finding balance is about having my checklist close at hand but not being a slave to it.

and with that, i am going to take advantage of this energy-rich hour to get my powerpoint on. in a minute, anyway.

tv on the radio
one of my 10 in 100 goals was to find 3 great new albums, and after listening to a fantastic sound opinions on the run yesterday [tax-themed episode], i have found #1!

nine types of light by TV on the radio
i was trying to come up with a description for this album or something to compare it to, but it’s such a mix of different styles i find that hard. nonetheless, i agree with the double buy it rating from SO, and am glad that i did.



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