retreat: sneak preview

May 24, 2011

the heat is on
the temps are starting to creep up over 90 in NC. graduations seem to be everywhere, and i’m definitely not the only one moving right now.

summer is in the air! and while most of us aren’t gearing up for a 12 week life hiatus [ahhh i miss school!] to revamp and recharge, the timing certainly feels right for a little retreat.

which is great timing, since this one starts in 7 days!

i have been having a great time planning and conceptualizing the experience — mostly on paper so far! it’s time for me to start getting things together in a more concrete fashion, and up online. daily posts will be dedicated [or at least have a section dedicated] to retreat topics, but i also want to create a retreat page [to be accessed from the top menu bar] compiling everything. so: coming soon!

sneak preview
recent brainstorming . . .

[it’s amazing how much easier it is to feel creative with lots of COLORS to write with!]

the organization:
✰ each week will have its own theme
✰ and each day will have a mini-focus within the theme

✰ one day is a designated ‘retreat’ day — i’ll provide an example template but each participant designs their own [incorporating recommended elements based on the week’s theme]

✰ each day, i will suggest a journal/writing exercise, a [short!] meditation, a mini-assignment [generally fun/positive things, don’t worry], and a post or podcast to read or listen to

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