summer retreat: 6.5.11

June 5, 2011

day 7
each sunday is dedicated to creating your own personal retreat [incorporating ideas from the week’s theme – inside/out – so basically it’s a free-for-all to experiment and play with elements from earlier in the week.

therefore — no ‘official’ assignments today. instead, each week i will post a sample retreat day to get you started. here is one packed with some ideas for tomorrow:

sample 24-hour virtual retreat: week #1!

7:00 am [or thereabouts] wake up
7:30 am 10 minute meditation + stretch
8:00 am run outside
9:00 am [healthy, summery] breakfast
10:00 am something outside! perhaps a trip to the farmer’s market?
1:00 pm lunch with the above shopping bounty
2:00 pm reading time
3:30 pm yoga class
4:30 pm meal plan/schedule in workouts for the following week
6:30 pm cook dinner [and prep lunch ingredients for week]
8:00 pm wind down with podcast, book, or favorite tv shot
10:00 pm sleep

my day obviously won’t look just like that tomorrow, as i’m out of town visiting with my family. but i will try to keep the retreat sentiments in mind — with a focus on kindness towards my own mind and body. i would love to hear what your days will look like, and i also want to do a compilation post as i’ve seen several great retreat recaps out there! leave me a note or comment if you have mentioned it and i will be sure to link back to you.

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