afternoon delight

August 4, 2011

the 3 pm problem
confession: currently, afternoons in lab make me want to . . . well, go home early and collapse in a heap on the couch.

i feel like i start my days with good intention, often cranking out a more time consuming lab task at the bench in the morning. but at this point, i don’t yet have enough to do with my project to have something big left for the afternoon. plus, i’m always afraid of overscheduling myself, because i hate trying to rush through things, and then i’m left with these long [loooooooooong] sleepy stretches that i don’t know what to do with.

i usually end up trying to read something, but my 3pm brain isn’t so great at concentrating. i check my email more than anyone needs to check email. and i am SO not productive, or engaged, or FLOWing, or . . . even happy. i actually much prefer being busy at work — up to a point, of course.

brainstorming . . .

i realize i probably have reached new levels of dorkdom with the inclusion of the above, but i really do not WANT to be listlessly wiling away time in the lab. the lack of structure in my current schedule is something i’ve written about before, but i think i’m still adjusting to it. after clinical service [where every moment just automatically gets FILLED, whether you ask for it or not!], i crave activity. i covet purposefulness. I NEED BOXES TO CHECK OFF!!


what gets you through the afternoons? any secrets, rituals, or words of advice?



workout: 30 min run in the AM + yoga class after work. ahhh, i so needed to stretch!

salad daze i had originally planned to make heidi’s tortellini salad, but pasta just didn’t sound right. [it went up to 101 yesterday!]. loaded salad it was:

greens w/ avocado, walnuts, peaches, tomato, broccoli, feta, and vinaigrette + toast with cottage cheese

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