i’m on call this weekend and that’s okay

August 5, 2011

top 6 ways to spend 60 hours chained to a pager
clean — really clean — the apartment. somehow, mundane household tasks are more tolerable when i’m on call. perhaps because it feels like i’m getting away with something? or because getting a diabetes call is like a ‘break’? i don’t know, but whatever works.

bake or cook something a little more complicated/time consuming. i’m thinking about scones, but we’ll see.

an orange-cranberry version
plan, plan, plan! ahh, perhaps my favorite on-call activity. because dreaming about that upcoming trip [i am potentially tagging along with josh to a conference in LA in sept!] is really almost as good as being there. vacation anticipation, anyone?

home yoga. i won’t be able to attend any live classes, but i should have plenty of time for a yogadownload or 2.

watch a cheesy movie on pay per view, pausing as necessary to answer pages. WHY NOT? after all, i’m working so it’s not really wasted time.

watched this one last night . . . and i might have loved it
sleeping in/napping. well, i can’t count on uninterrupted sleep while on call [in fact, i can almost count on the opposite]. but on the weekend, i can still get enough, no problem! it just might mean sleeping in later than i’m used to or succumbing [happily] to that 3 pm couch call. the pager on a weeknight is a different story, but there’s no reason to become sleep deprived from weekend duties.

appreciate my job, because it’s awesome. call every 3rd weekend is very manageable, and the fact that it DOESN’T typically translate to full days in the hospital is freeing and makes me much happier than heading in to round at 6AM used to [i swear, i used to do it!].

that’s it, y’all
because i want to sneak in a workout before diabetes clinic today! LOVED all of your suggestions for the 3 pm problem — so many were helpful, and i was glad to see that i’m not alone in my afternoon slump!

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