sale season

August 16, 2011

summer swing

fall fashions may be creeping into the local shops, but come on — just because we’ve finally had some lows in the 60s does NOT mean the seasons are changing in NC. no, summer here lasts well into october, and even after that, we have the occasional off-season heat wave.

it’s actually not such a bad thing! i prefer sweating to shivering any day, and will always choose strawberry shortcake over apple pie [although pumpkin is another story]. furthermore, it’s a GREAT time to stock up on summer sale pieces that can still be worn for another solid 2-3 months this season!

it isn’t friday, but here are just a few sale picks taunting me right now:

neutral + tailored, with a pop of sunny gold! love. lane lines bag, on sale for $130

ooh!! it’s ON SALE NOW!! the gathering tank, $30

this whirligig dress by velvet is now marked down to $70 — a great deal for such a versatile piece

finally, these shoes are not on sale and perhaps will spark a bit of fashion controversy, but i’m considering buying them for work:

metallic tweed TOMS wedges, $72

TOMS seem to be very polarizing — people either love them or hate them. i personally think they’re pretty inoffensive looking [especially compared to, say, danskos!], and they have the reputation of being very comfortable. thoughts?



workout: ~3 mi run in sub-70 temps — the first one in weeks! it. was. awesome!

i finally cooked! thanks to your ideas + inspirations, i put together a very simple recipe-less menu for the week. last night was burrito bowl night: ie, chipotle at home! our bowls featured:

✰ brown rice

✰ black beans

✰ tomatoes, red pepper, and onions [sautéed together]

✰ shredded cheddar

✰ greek yogurt

✰ salsa

✰ avocado

like chipotle, only a bit healthier + cilantro-free!

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