starting on a high note

August 8, 2011

sunday report

well, i didn’t book any cross-country flights or order any high-tech devices, but i will say that i am mentally closer to doing both things!

i did, however, make some muffins. and after just having had one for breakfast, i would recommend this recipe with two enthusiastic thumbs up! of note, i made a few substitutions, and still worked out beautifully:

◼ all whole wheat pastry flour instead of the white/ww mix [we were out of all-purpose!]

◼ blueberries and peaches instead of just peaches

◼ almonds + walnuts for the streusel topping instead of pecans

they aren’t the world’s healthiest muffins, but the butter content is reasonable, they are all whole grain [in my version] and aren’t ridiculously sweet [except for the topping, which you should not leave out, because it is delicious!].

made while answering diabetes pages [sunday afternoon = DKA prime time!] but only one or two. the weekend was pretty decent overall!

goals for the week [why not?]

combat the 3 pm problem with strategic planning

reconnnect with my yoga mat, and practice at least 3x. i’ve been slacking lately!

keep the apartment relatively neat. this place often starts out nice + neat on monday and deteriorates from there, when just 5-10 minutes/day would prevent the downward spiral.



workout: 30 min run — i think i did make it out before it hit 80, but it was close!

sorta fast

according to cooking light, this superfast recipe for shrimp + corn chowder with bacon should have taken just 20 minutes to prep. however, that is assuming that you have pre-chopped onion, celery, and pre-peeled shrimp on hand — and well, i didn’t. furthermore, i don’t think the 20 minute figure included time to clean one’s blender or food processor, which was required for puréeing some of the corn. although to be honest, i attempted to put my immersion blender to the task [to avoid said washing] and while it failed to do much blending, the end product was still good.

bacon-crunch topping for extra pizzazz

relative slowness aside, i will say josh and i both enjoyed it.

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