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September 6, 2011

who am i?
yesterday, a GLIMMER of the old me — the normal me — seemed to surface, from out of nowhere. sure, i still enjoyed an afternoon nap and fought off some nausea in the afternoon. but for the most part, i functioned. i got up and ran, cleaned our apartment, did the laundry, and just generally felt more like myself. just look at this to-do list for evidence:

the biggest change was that i actually wanted to meal plan. for weeks, flipping through the latest cooking light was the least pleasant activity i could come up with. images of certain dishes actually made me shudder inexplicably. food blogs were marked-all-as-read or at least scrolled through VERY quickly.

but yesterday, i wanted to shop again. and then i even wanted to cook . . AND bake! i have no idea what happened but i am crossing my fingers that the tides have turned for good.

baking project: peanut butter is back
PB [along with its other nut/seed variations] was on the aversion list for quite a while, which was totally bizarre as this calorie-and-nutrition-rich manna was previously my most reliable staple food. but now it’s back in my life — and oh, i missed it!

so it actually sort of made sense that this recipe just seemed to jump out of the magazine saying “MAKE ME!!!!”: cooking light’s peanut butter cup blondies. i have no idea what is ‘light’ about this recipe — it doesn’t seem like anything. but they are definitely delicious.

i know i made a certain member of the household very happy as well:

with a side of williams pride!
you might think it’s cute that we’re sharing a plate, but these are both his
don’t worry, i got my fair share. and i will be bringing the rest to lab today to brighten up this faux-monday.

after the brownies came out of the oven, russet potatoes with olive oil + spices went in . . . and i set to work on the barbecue sirloin and blue cheese salad. ever since finding out that blue cheese is okay in pregnancy [as long as it is pasteurized], i have been borderline obsessed.

YUM. still got it 🙂
this meal turned out to be delicious. the butter lettuce [with cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers] was lightly dressed in a dijon vinaigrette, keeping the steak from becoming too heavy of an entrée, and the potatoes were just plain comfort food.

fashion tip: splendid sale
i am incredibly lucky in that my sister-in-law and her very fashionable best friend [both approximately my size] are in the process of sending me giant boxes of their maternity clothes! it’s also a little too early to think about buying my own true maternity stuff yet — if i did start shopping, i’d probably end up with things that didn’t work past week 25. however, my wardrobe is beginning to dwindle and i am definitely in the market for some transition-wear.

sadly, the season for flowy sundresses is coming to an end. but certain less seasonal pieces [think tees, lightweight sweaters, etc] are still workable, and the best part is they’re easy to find on sale right now! i picked up this [non-maternity] splendid cardigan at half price from new-to-me website isaay and i am thrilled with my purchase.

i got this in charcoal gray, but it looks like only black is now available
there’s a whole page of tops, leggings, and cardigans by splendid all at half-price so definitely check it out if you like this brand!

and now for something completely different
i bought this tracey mallett prenatal workout DVD on a whim, but have been putting off actually doing it. however, i have decided i need to attempt the 1st tri workout before the tri is over!

here goes nothing . . . i will report back tomorrow.

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