september goals

September 13, 2011

late to the party
yeah, i know — it’s not exactly the beginning of the month anymore! but 2 weeks ago, my main goal was pretty much just to weather the first-tri storm of nausea / fatigue / etc. now that i’m feeling [mostly] better, i feel like i have some pieces to pick up from the past 2 months. i will expand all of these in future posts [ambitious!] but here’s the basic layout:

work, part 1: okay, as rudimentary as this sounds, i want to start getting to work earlier [i may have been rolling into lab on the later side lately]. getting in at a reasonable hour sets a productive tone for the day which i desperately need in the unstructured lab environment.

work, part 2: i would like to bring STUDYING back onto my radar. 6 months from now, it’s going to be a lot more difficult [i realize], so i probably should start getting my learning on now. i see no reason why this can’t be PART of my workday so i think i am going to use this as a ‘break’ from typical lab tasks. we’ll see how things go!

workouts: i haven’t been doing terribly on this front. last week, i got in 5 [3 3-mi runs outside, 1 elliptical/treadmill session, and 1 prenatal fitness dvd]. my goal is to continue the cardio and just work on adding in more strength/core work along with adding back YOGA, which i have sorely missed.

nutrition: i spent the past 2 months basically eating whatever i could think of that sounded good at the time, and the nausea/cravings/aversions were a pretty good excuse. however, things are much better now! i can actually read a cooking magazine without gagging and the thought of healthy vegetables no longer makes me want to bury my head in a bag of salt ‘n’ vinegar chips. therefore, i would like to go back to my normal eating routine, which means mostly healthy meals and snacks.

home maintenance: josh has been wonderful in doing most of the cleaning/organizing at home and not complaining when i’ve spent slothlike weekends on the couch watching showtime on demand while the mess just . . existed around me. but i’m ready to get our apartment in order and keep it that way!

happiness: i want to remember to be happy.

to be truthful, i have spent the past two months with a lot of anxiety along with my physical symptoms. at first, i worried about miscarriage ALL the time, and sometimes i still do. you all know i worried about weight gain. and now, thanks to dooce’s book i’m worried about things like hemorrhoids [!!!], postpartum depression, and giving birth to an inconsolable cryer.

obviously, things will not always be an easy + smooth ride. but this is AMAZING — i’m finally pregnant after SO much wishing and hoping [and crying, and ultrasounding, and much more]. i am almost out of the dangerous first-trimester woods [just 1 – 3 more weeks, depending on the definition that is used] and heard a healthy heartbeat at home just yesterday. i truly want to let go of my fears and appreciate just how lucky i have been — over the past 2.5 months, and in life in general.

every day is a gift

i just have to remember to appreciate that.

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