time to pack!

September 9, 2011

. . . because i’m headed across the country after work
yeah, i’m feeling a little bit insane for agreeing to this weekend, but josh really wanted me to come and has PROMISED to let me take it easy once we get there. my CA bedtime may be 6pm, and he’s just going to have to deal with that [clearly, 3 days isn’t enough time time to adjust to a new zone].

i hope it’s worth using up the last EVER vacation day of my fellowship*
i will be packing my suitcase and heading to the airport after work. i will try not to get a DVT on the plane. and i will have fun even if it’s very tame + relaxed fun visiting old friends, and even if i still have to wear my glasses [ugh].

* yep, that’s it for the next 2 years. the rest goes towards making up my whopping 8 weeks of maternity leave. i will actually be taking 12, but extending my indentured servitude fellowship x 1 month. i know, what amazing benefits! i bet you’re jealous.

new breakfast obsession

this isn’t so much of a food blog these days, but i am really happy with my new aversion-free breakfast! toast with crunchy peanut butter + plain yogurt mixed fruit [a peach today]. healthy, varied, and delicious. [mom: can you send me more bread? it’s not for me, it’s for your grandchild.]

i’m thinking about doing a few food-centric posts in the future, because i’ve found it really fun to read through what brittany is eating through her pregnancy. we’ll see if i can round up the motivation and consistency to do a whole day’s worth at some point — i’ve done it before, so it should be doable! and maybe it will motivate me to cook . . .

for the love of falafel
around 6pm, i decided that NOTHING would quench my appetite other than an overflowering falafel sandwich and stuffed grape leaves. josh was instantly on board [he says he loves my pregnancy cravings] but it took him over 2 hours to actually leave work so that we could procure the goods.

we went to international delights in durham, which is an old standard of ours from years ago. they used to have signs up proclaiming: NO KETCHUP ALLOWED!!, as the owner was passionate about maintaining the authenticity of his cuisine.

apparently, times have changed!
although our server did caution us it was ‘only for the fries’. ha. don’t worry, we honored the guidelines.

i then proceeded to inhale this:

seriously. i have no idea how it disappeared so fast
and three of these:

seriously, i was so full after this meal that it was ridiculous — but worth it.

all right, off to run and PACK!! see on on the other [west] side . . .

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