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October 21, 2011

it’s a big blog world out there!!
i realize how cheesy that sounds. but it’s true! pick a subject — i promise there’s a blog about it. i’m not sure if that was always the case, or whether i just realized it on the later side.

i started off reading just a few categories of blogs: medical blogs [michelle au’s the underwear drawer], running blogs [jess, you were definitely among the first!], and then some so-called healthy living blogs [i say so-called because i think there are plenty of non-HLB-ers out there with lifestyles just as healthy — more so, in some cases!].

i still read blogs from the above categories, and there are many HLBs that i love — not trying to knock the entire genre! however, i sometimes need a break from all of the yoga/running/oatmeal celebration, and over the past year or so my google reader has diversified a bit. these aren’t little-known favorites — most mentioned below are hugely popular sites! but in these cases, i believe the success is 100% deserved.

here we go – some favorites


ooh, pretty colors!! from apartment therapy
young house love, of course! sherry and john feature amazing home makeovers that just make my unimaginative eyes pop out in disbelief sometimes. josh and i really aren’t DIYers, so i don’t necessarily use the site for real-life inspiration, but the transformation of spaces is pretty spectacular, and there are some fun [and easy] ideas to be had.

apartment therapy is my favorite for just browsing + drooling over certain interiors and pieces of furniture that cost more than — well, anything we own! my favorites are the steamlined + practically minimalistic interiors, not the ones packed with stuff [the site definitely has a bit of everything]. also, they do fun ‘apartment cures’ every once in a while [i tried one once!]. random note? i think this chelsea warehouse apartment looks like an insane version of ours.


via the well-appointed desk
small notebook is sort of a hybrid organization/lifestyle blog, and i love it. the author has written some great organization/simplifying posts lately — i loved her recent shopping guide, even if she doesn’t like anthropologie –THE HORROR!

the well-appointed desk is ALL stationery supplies and offices and just everything i adore. just look at this gorgeous office space, or this iPhone case [yeah, that’s mine now!]. nerdy organized inspiration abounds!

♥ i just can’t leave out zen habits! i don’t always agree with all of leo’s life philosophies, but he always makes me think. he just released a new e-book [The Effortless Life: A Concise Manual for Contentment, Mindfulness, & Flow] which is priced as ‘pay what you can’, and i do have it on my list of ‘to-reads’ [somewhere after finishing ender’s game and the checklist manifesto, both of which are almost done].


from one of anjali’s fashion on tv posts
♥ to get my anthro fix, these days i turn to anjali at golden means. she favors a SUPER-feminine style that i like a lot, even though it does not align with my own all of the time. i also love her anthro on TV recaps — so much fun to see exactly which dress quinn fabray was sporting in the most recent glee episode!

the chloe conspiracy is my other fashion favorite. she mixes high/low so well, writes in a hilarious [yet grammatically-correct] way, and never fails to look amazing in her outfit of the day posts. i also love that she’s 5’2″ so i can see how styles would work on a non-model-length frame.

share please! what are some of your favorite blogs + blog ‘categories’? i am always looking to refine my google reader and would love suggestions!



workout: another 3 mi run, ~9:55/mi. just loving this weather!

it had to be pizza i could not get pizza off my mind last night, so decided to give in [the ingredients for our planned butternut risotto will still be good sunday!]. i wanted ‘traditional’ pizza, so i had josh pick up from satisfactions on his way home.

x 2, of course. does anyone ever eat just one pizza slice!?
it was . . . traditional, in that american-pizza kind of way: a bit greasy, somewhat salty. however, it was a little soggy for my tastes. OF COURSE, the wonderful thing about pizza is that even when it’s not great, it’s . . . still kind of great. i enjoyed it, but i think we’ll go back to other local pizza joints the next time i need a fix.

spanish: check. it’s on to lesson 4 today!

endo: finished the 2nd thyroid chapter! next up = polyglandular disease . . .

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