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October 16, 2011

iPhone thoughts, continued
wow! you all have strong opinions about your phones. i have to admit that after just one day of use i might be coming around a little.

who knew this pretty little thing was so polarizing?
things that i like so far
✔ ability to text much more easily — and text messages with other iOS5 users are FREE! [josh has this and so does my sister, two of my most frequent text-ees, so this is definitely a bonus for me].

✔ having a [pretty good!] camera at arm’s length. some of you pointed this out, and it is nice. and it will be even nicer in 6 months when i have pictures that i will WANT to be able to send to family quite easily.

things i still don’t love
✘ having email/facebook/twitter available at all times! i guess i will just have to train myself not to check in too frequently.

✘ i’m a little paranoid that i am going to drop/break/lose it [potentially to theft]. i never worried about these things with my old [cheap! crappy!] phone. unfortunately, my track record with these sorts of things aren’t great. although guess which half of the marriage is on their second wedding ring?

[hint: it’s not me!]

this is going to sound really sad, and perhaps it is: i was sort of bored yesterday. josh was working the entire day [i literally did not see him while i was conscious yesterday] and i was left to my own devices.

i KNOW. with all of the books to read, and movies to watch, potential things to bake, and places to go!?? as someone who considers time incredibly precious [and who has had limited amounts of this commodity in the past!] i’m actually slightly saddened and ashamed by this. it was beautiful out, and i have this weekend completely off — no pressing work projects looming in the distance, even. perhaps it has been so long since this was the case that i forgot how to relax and just enjoy it.

taken from the inside . . . with my iphone
part of the problem is that i’m an extrovert. some people [my sister, for example] are completely content with hours to themselves. she enjoys knitting [and is really good at it — see that post for an example] and can while away an afternoon focused on a single project, either at home or in a cozy coffee shop somewhere. i, on the other hand, feel uneasy with hours of solitude. often, i will seek out company [yoga class; a run with a partner; brunch out somewhere; even the mall] in these situations, but yesterday i hadn’t made plans.

i ended up eventually going out for a walk/run around the al buehler trail in duke forest which was very nice, but that was my only outing for the day. i did a little laundry, watched too many episodes of the big bang theory, and sulked a little, annoyed at my own inability to just be present and enjoy NOT having to do anything. however, i suppose reflecting on this does have some value in itself — so perhaps all was not lost!

✰ tobacco trail run [and attempt to see k at finish line of her 1st half marathon!]
✰ pedicure date with friend k who will deserve it more than i will
✰ bit of cleaning/finish laundry/plan dinners/grocery shop
✰ prenatal yoga
✰ maybe, mayyyyybe get an ultrasound peek at the baby [from a friend . . . who happens to be a maternal-fetal medicine fellow]
✰ hopefully see husband while we are both awake


just wanted to mention this because i have started using it recently [on the computer, not the phone] and i really love it! it’s an application that allows for streaming of a huge variety of music for free. somehow [unlike, say, old school napster] it is legal, although the free version is limited to just 10 hours/month and there are a few short commercials every few songs. i listened to the new ryan adams album in its entirety yesterday, so it’s a great way to sample new music before potentially buying.

[see? i like techology! i just don’t like it to be intrusive or distracting. i want to control it, not the other way around.]



workout: hike/run around the very hilly [mountainous really!] al beuhler trail in duke forest. i wasn’t actually planning on doing any running [i ran friday and will be running today], but decided on a whim to run between mile markers 1 and 2. so really, it was 2 miles hiked and just 1 mile run. that’s pretty much all i can handle on those kinds of inclines these days — that trail is SERIOUS.

dinner: i was on my own, so it was leftovers + frozen:

it’s not always an exciting food festival around here
spanish + endo: i’ve decided to take weekends off if i stick to these things consistently during the week – just feels right.

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