October 15, 2011

i just spent the past 2.5 hours playing with this:

well, mostly just fighting with it, trying to get everything set up. i finally got all of my email accounts to show up, and i’m really not sure how i feel. to be completely honest, i’m actually not that excited about using it.

i realize that i might be the only person out there not in love with her iPhone.

on the one hand, it’s an aesthetically-pleasing piece of very impressive technology. on the other, i still don’t get how it is going to improve my life in any significant way.

i don’t really want to have an excuse to spend more time on facebook or twitter. i am still going to be drawn to conventional lists that don’t require an ‘on’ switch to activate. i thought about downloading a running app, but i don’t feel like carrying this [relatively heavy and fragile] object with me on runs — plus, i have a distance-measuring device that works well already.

i guess the one somewhat significant difference is that i will now be connected to email at all times — including work email, now that i figured that challenge out. not sure if that’s really something to celebrate . . .

one thing i DO love is my case, though!

maybe i should have just bought a lovely handbag instead.

time will tell, i suppose. if i don’t love it in a few months, i will sell it and [hopefully?] be allowed to downgrade my plan back to a non-smart-one. josh thinks this is very unlikely, but we’ll see!

off to spend the rest of the day NOT plugged in. or at least that’s the plan.

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