22 weeks!

December 1, 2011

past the halfway point
over the past few weeks, there have been a number of changes. even though our baby hasn’t made it to potential viability just yet [and i don’t even want to think about the possibility of her emerging any time soon], i feel like i am getting somewhere with this gestation.

i look pregnant. finally, i believe i have reached the completely unambiguous stage. strangers are asking me when i am due, and older women are giving me this weird kind smile that looks to be half knowing support and half pity.

also, my hair is obscenely long. i need to fix this — just a trim, though
i’m starting to FEEL pregnant again.

during the first trimester, i felt something, though at times it seemed more like the stomach flu and a hangover than a baby growing inside. then at around 13-14 weeks, my symptoms seemed to vanish and i felt completely fabulous [and normal].

now — i’m starting to just feel bigger, and i think the weight is starting to affect my posture and energy level a bit. i’m still running, but [other than last week’s race, for which i must have had a magic burst of energy] i’m typically over the 10:00/mi mark. don’t get me wrong — i’m completely happy with that and still thrilled to be running at all!

i have mild lower back pain when i stand too long and i’ve started to sleep with a million pillows [CRAZY because before i never allowed a single one near me — not even under my head!].

i have nosebleeds occasionally and i get random attacks of itchiness that never occurred before. and the best new symptom? i can feel our baby moving around ALL THE TIME now! josh even got to feel from the outside over the weekend while we were lying around watching movies. love it.

the rundown

new cravings: um, just food in general. i’ve been super-hungry this week. i’m trying to at least keep it fairly healthy!

baby purchases: still only her toms! i haven’t been able to bring myself to buy any practical things yet. i figure we have plenty of time. although the sale-priced BOB has been tempting . . .

once we move this weekend [down the hall], josh and i will start planning what to put in our nursery. i’m anticipating a trip to IKEA will be in order!

weight gained: i think around 12 lbs at 22 weeks. i sort of can’t imagine what i will feel like when the total is more than double that, but i think i already get why women at the end of pregnancy are ready for that baby to come OUT!

current dilemma: private cord blood banking or no? it’s rather pricey, and i have gotten mixed answers from the veteran new moms that i have asked.

name: i have one i use in my head all the time, but i’m still not 100% and josh has yet to commit. i might submit something to swistle although i am guessing they get FAR more requests than they can handle.

baby books read: 0. i’m waiting for 30 weeks for some arbitrary reason, but i have happiest baby on the block and healthy sleep habits, happy child waiting for me on the bookshelf.

coming up in future posts . . .
✰ controversial baby-related topics: breast or bottle [or both]? epidural or all-natural? cloth diapers or disposable?

✰ december goal + resolutions for 2012

✰ the hypothalamic amenorrhea post [i haven’t forgotten! but i’ve procrastinated due to feeling too much pressure to make it a scholarly article when really i just want to share what i’ve read and learned. i’m just going to charge ahead and put my thoughts out there. so it’s coming!]



workout: i had an early meeting, so rest day

espanol: no, lo siento.

reading: 20 minutes on transient hypoglycemic states in the newborn/infant

dinner = leftovers. and i didn’t wait until bedtime to eat it. good thing, because josh never made it home!!! i’m glad we both have another weekend off together, even if it will involve a move down the hall.