sweet relief

January 24, 2012

i passed!

i was so relieved to see these numbers last night — they aren’t even borderline! please note, the reference ranges above are not for gestational diabetes — but i beat those by a wide margin. i find it hard to explain why my blood glucose was lower by 35 points 1 hour after consuming twice as much sugar, but i’m too happy to care very much.

bring on the gelato!

kidding. sort of.

the test was pretty annoying. i felt moderately ill all day after chugging the 100g glucose drink — the equivalent of approximately THREE cans of coke, but without the caffeine or carbonation. however, i did get to sit around reading for a few hours without the pager — almost worth the 4 blood draws and all the worry. thank you all for your good wishes and tips yesterday!

my 60+ year old attending proclaimed this past weekend the busiest she has ever had — which is saying something. the combination of the 24/7 pager, longer days, and perhaps hitting the 30-week milestone has left me exhausted.

as usual, i find myself already pining for the weekend [yes, i know it’s only tuesday — but all i can think about is “three more nights on call!”]. as i’ve written many times before, i really can’t stand living in ‘waiting’ mode.

ways i will approach the rest of this busy week

βœ” keep the house in relative order. when i start feeling like we’re living in the middle of a disorganized mess, my energy is sapped even further and cleaning up feels insurmountable. as soon as i finish this post i am going to spend 15 minutes straightening up, and i know it will be well worth it!

βœ” keep the bar reasonable. work has been demanding. i’m on call. this is not a good week for elaborate dinners. i do need to go grocery shopping after work, and josh and i will be living off of simple healthy fare for the next couple of days. nothing lost there.

βœ” avoid watching the clock at work. honestly, sometimes i think i’m more stressed about over the IDEA of being at work late than the actual practice of staying a little longer. i’ll be done when i’m done, and it will be better if i work on finishing up loose ends before heading out. plus, i might as well savor this flexibility now because once i have to head to day care by closing time, the race really will be on.

βœ” continue to avoid excessive time online. i 100% agree with the idea in leo’s latest post that excessive internet time is just another ineffective [and therefore bad] habit for dealing with stress/boredom. i enjoy catching up with my favorite sites over breakfast but honestly, i think that’s plenty of internet/social media/online time for any given day.

and with that, i’m off to clean up and get a quick workout in before the work day begins. what are your survival tactics for tough weeks? i can always use additional ideas . . .

food for thought
i really liked michelle au‘s piece on her experiences as a full-time physician and mom of 2 [soon to be 3]. even though i have aspirations to eventually work part-time, i don’t think anyone should be criticized for their childcare choices, wherever they lie on the spectrum.