February 20, 2012

a lovely day
yesterday’s affair was perfect — i can’t believe i was nervous about it!

my mom + josh setting up . . .
it turns out that with a few cheesy [but fun] baby activities and a lot of sugar, fun WILL be had by all.

throw in a dog, some babies/kids, and PUFFY PAINT, and you’re really set!

we did eat lunch before the cupcakes — catered by local favorite parker & otis. [and by ‘local’ i mean across the street. super-convenient.]

delicious sandwiches, salad, fruit:

kath‘s lunch shot
followed by the cutest cupcakes ever [from daisy cakes, also right nearby]

even though i wasn’t in charge of this spread, i couldn’t resist adding labels. i figured guests would want to make an informed selection!

we played games . . .

my sister, the lovely emcee
compared bumps . . .

34 weeks vs. 13: a comparison study
and opened gifts. i got tons of practical things from seasoned/new mom friends, and some absolutely AMAZING handcrafted items made with love:

gorgeous handmade quilt from my aunt
amazing [and WASHABLE!] merino wool blanked knitted by my sister
[this huge work of art took her a MILLION hours to make and i plan to give it a million more hours of use!]

beautiful sweater and matching booties knitted by my wonderful friend aimée
i think even the men in attendance had fun [until josh escaped to watch basketball. after i gave permission 🙂 ]

thank you mom, dad, rebecca, and kiersten for an amazing shower!

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