36 weeks

March 6, 2012

first, a comparison study

18 weeks
at the time, i was so excited to have a REAL bump to show off! thanks for humoring me, everyone πŸ™‚

36 weeks
in the same outfit! hooray for stretchy maternity clothes [note: post on my experiences with maternity gear coming soon. but let me just say i am SOOOOO ready to wear normal clothes again!]

so happy
i’m thrilled to be in this home stretch but i’m also getting SO impatient. there is actually a fair amount of work i need would really like to get done beforehand, yet i feel like my head is full of mush — distracted mush.

hopefully the next couple weeks can be as productive as possible.

honestly, i’m struggling more mentally than i am physically right now! i feel really good considering . . . you know, carrying around a ~6 lb baby in a giant uterus all day long. i think she dropped a bit last week, and this has made breathing easier. i have less reflux than i did a few weeks ago. and oddly, the back pain i had in the early 3rd tri has been gone [and not missed!] for quite some time now.

i’m sleeping decently as long as there’s no pager by my side, although i’m still craving 9+ hour stretches. i have almost no swelling [still wearing my rings]. and i’m still enjoying my workouts.

from week 35
my ‘runs’ are still on the treadmill, and i run 4 minutes / walk 2 up to about 3 miles. sometimes i’ll add extra running onto the end just to see if i still can πŸ™‚ my OB has encouraged me to continue as long as i feel comfortable. while i do acknowledge that every pregnant run could be my last, i’m hoping to be able to keep it up [in some modified form] until the end because i feel GREAT while doing it . . . and afterwards.

appointment stats
starting with this week, i will be going weekly until i deliver [more often if there are any issues — hope not!].

BP: 106/66. i’ll take it.

GBS test: not bad — waiting on the results.

weight gain: i was up 2 lbs from 2 weeks ago, bringing my total to 21 lbs at 36 weeks. while my own stats are interesting, i’m dying to know how big the BABY is.

measuring: 35-36 cm. finally not measuring ahead! maybe this won’t be the 10-lb baby i was fearful of?

position: head down. hopefully locked & loaded — there to stay.

cervical check: because i have been having a decent number of contractions [sometimes fairly frequent – especially at the end of a long work day], the OB decided to check to see if i had made any progress. and . . . i can’t believe i’m blogging about this, but i was 1 cm dilated — ie, more then nothing! she said there was some cervical softening and some movement forward as well, although i wasn’t given specifics on effacement % and station.

i realize you can stay dilated for WEEKS, but was excited that the OB seemed encouraged by the progress. she even said she did not think i would be a 41-week delivery like i thought. guess only time will tell!

off to run and then actually get some productive work done!