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March 27, 2012

the last 2 week wait
i realize that i haven’t written about anything non-L&D-related for a while now — and i apologize! but it just reflects the current state of my mind. i’m still going through the motions of life, but my consciousness is solidly planted elsewhere, and i’m pretty sure it’s going to remain there for quite some time.

i spend half my time just wondering just when things will happen, and the other half wondering what they will be like! while cooking dinner / working / running / folding laundry, i ruminate on baby care minutia and post-baby routines and what it will be like seeing her face [you know, the non-ultrasound-version] for the very first time.

me at the end of my last 2 week wait [actually it was only 10 days]
finally, i’m down to 2 weeks. well, really i have one week until my actual due date — but two weeks maximum. according to the OB i saw yesterday, they schedule inductions once 41 weeks are reached. i’m getting more and more convinced that i will be in this position.

reasons i believe my game will go into overtime
✔ i’ve actually been having fewer contractions as the days have gone on. just when i’ve started to embrace them as a possible good sign!

✔ the OB i saw yesterday did an exam and apparently i’ve gone from 1 cm dilated [at 36 weeks] to just a fingertip! umm . . . WHAT? [i don’t think that’s physically possible, but more due to differences in the exams]. the doctor who saw me yesterday was definitely the more experienced of the two, so i believe her. i was 50% effaced, for what it’s worth. but i have to admit the lack of progress was a letdown!

✔ i still feel too good. heh. although i loved hearing from some of you that perhaps the dreaded swollen/miserable phase might never come!

✔ i personally was born 17 days late. as in, at 42.5 weeks gestation. and i never appreciated what that really meant for my poor mother until now. woah. [apparently, there was an induction scheduled for the next day — i guess they waited a LOT longer back then! of course, dates may not have been as accurate either.]

39 week stats
no picture yet — but i’ll be sure to take one this week [since there’s still a chance it could be the last one!].

BP: 115/75

weight gain: still at 20 lbs. i was worried about the baby’s growth a couple of weeks ago but read in the lovely what to expect book that a lack of weight gain [or even weight loss] in the last few weeks can be normal. i still have essentially zero swelling, so there is no water weight to account for. i also feel better about my total when i think about the 7-8 lbs i put on in the months before getting pregnant.

fundal height: apparently they stop measuring at this point because positioning comes into play too much! good, as it’s one less thing for me to fixate over 🙂

fetal heart rate: 130s

bedside U/S: the OB was awesome and responded to all of my paranoid questions about amniotic fluid by showing my our baby is still nicely cushioned with it.

next visit: 1 week. after that, if i don’t deliver i start going more often for monitoring.

other stuff:
– yep, still running 🙂 same walk/run intervals as previously. and it still feels really good.
– # of trips to the bathroom each night: 6+? it’s getting ridiculous.
– still cooking . . .


no real cravings still. although i am really looking forward to the bagel with lox that i have been promised post-delivery.

booking a prenatal massage for this weekend. that way, either way [if i go into labor or not . . .] i win!

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