routine [or lack thereof]

May 30, 2012

of note, this post for blogher/huggies on routines was written a few weeks ago — after a particularly frustrating day!  things are somewhat different now, although not terribly.  [and last night was a particularly frustrating night, so this seems apt.]

routine with a one-month-old

i love routines. morning routines, weekly routines, workout routines — you name the situation, and i probably have a routine for it — or perhaps i should say had. because apparently one-month-olds do not check mama’s planner each day and pencil in naps according to schedule.

HA. yeah right!

still, i thought i’d share . . .
a bit of a ‘where we are now’ post as annabel is one month old. i love reading a-day-in-the-life posts written by other new moms. however, every time i gear up to write one, our day seems to go differently! the only thing i can count on from day to day is that i will be surprised.
so, without further ado, here’s how today went down:

4:30 am as usual, she is my alarm clock. i used to be the quintessential morning person and found it easy to wake up at 5 am. now, thanks to a much later bedtime and overnight feedings, things have definitely changed. feeding #1 commences and then a is back to bed after about 45 minutes. i pump and then join her in dreamland.
7:50 am wake-up call #2. time to actually commit to getting up for good . . .
8:00 am feed #2.
8:45 am time to feed my own face. a is usually in a sunny and happy morning mood, so it’s easy to occupy her while i eat breakfast and clean up a little. until she starts to get a little tired . . . and a little cranky . . . and a lot hungry.
10:00 am feed #3.
10:30 am attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
10:50 am attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
11:10 am attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
11:30 am feed #4.
12:15 pm attempt to put her down for a nap! success . . . i think!? annabel started out as a champion napper, but slowly her daytime sleep has tapered off and i can no longer count on a nap ‘sticking’ when i lay her down.

note my brest friend, this season’s most stylish functional accessory

knowing how unpredictable things can be is making me prioritize everything to the second. i run down my fantasy list of things i really want to do while she sleeps. it looks something like this:
–work out
–answer emails
not knowing how long any given nap will last, i have to do things in a thoughtful order! i hit up the treadmill for 30 minutes and eat lunch . . . and then the jig is up. sadly, it looks like today is not going to be a sleepy one for miss a.

1:30 pm feed #5.
2:15 pm attempt some chores while a is awake but calm and sitting in her bouncer. dishwasher emptied — success! [yeah, i’ll celebrate the little things these days.] laundry folded — miraculous!

hooray! more clean onesies!
3:00 pm feed #6.
3:30 pm attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
3:50 pm seriously, acting hungry already!? i pack a up in her stroller and attempt to distract her with a walk. this works, and she promptly falls asleep.
4:30 pm back home. feed #7.
5:15 pm another calm awake period. somehow, i manage to make dinner while she watches [sort of] from her bouncy seat. another celebration ensues. i’ve got this . . .
5:45 pm baby meltdown. attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
5:55 pm attempt to put her down for a nap. fail.
6:00 pm feed #8.
6:45 pm attempt to put her down for a nap. success — for 27 minutes.
7:15 pm feed #9. where is dad?!
8:30 pm midway through feed #10, he’s home! with groceries. dinnertime!
9:30 pm extreme fussiness ensues. bottle of pumped milk given (feed #11).
10:15 pm dad soothes baby to sleep, winning my heart for the day!
1:30 am feed #12.
2:15 am back to bed . . .

lather, rinse and repeat — with some variation, of course.

so there you have it: our routine, or lack thereof. my hope is that with some time, the daytime naps will come back [please!] and the number of feeds will decrease a bit [pretty please!]. but it is what it is, and i’m slowly getting used to the unpredictability. here’s to learning to take things one minute at a time . . . and to finally understanding that there are some things you just can’t plan. and that’s okay.

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