day care: take 1

June 18, 2012

rough night last night
i have a dentist appointment today, and i’m going by myself.  i’m also planning on a solo trip to the grocery store and an uninterrupted tempo run.  exciting!

i’m not headed back to work until 6/28, but we’re paying for day care starting — well, this morning.  so, i figured that it makes sense to start using it, at least a little bit.  and hence today begins the big transition.  perhaps annabel KNEW she was going to day care for the first time this afternoon, and either:

a) is nervous about it herself [unlikely]
b) senses MY nervousness about it [possible]
c) wants me to be really tired so that the break from baby care would actually seem appealing [hmm]

in other news, here’s to annabel’s first 10.5 weeks of life without a runny nose!  i am assuming this streak will end momentarily — perhaps within 24 hours of today’s adventure at our local viral breeding ground.  ugh, i’ll miss these clean, disease-free days.

yesterday’s project:
finally some organization in the nursery!  nothing fancy, just a closet maid cube unit from target — but now that toys and books aren’t strewn everywhere, the place looks much nicer.

 annabel is officially in her own room!

she slumped slowly onto her side [in a very cute way] 30 seconds after this picture was taken. man, i LOOOVE this age.  and i’d love it even more if we could stop having nights like the last one.

wish us luck!
bottles are ready, baby seems game, and mama is only moderately petrified.  hopefully today will bring no tears [and no cavities!].