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August 29, 2012

1.  i’m sick again.

just mild viral @$*(&@, low grade fever, yada yada.  but it’s the 4th time since a. started day care — a mere 2 months ago.  fortunately, she seems unscathed — thus far, anyway.  i am especially annoyed because every virus negatively impacts my milk supply (at least temporarily).  and i’ll admit i’m also miffed that my half marathon training keeps getting the shaft every time this happens.*
2.  back to school means i couldn’t help but order at least something fun to celebrate the new season, right?  i had to refresh my stash of pilot hi-tec Cs [4 mm, black] and on impulse i threw in these colorful little japanese notebooks from jet pens.  not sure what i’ll use them for, but . . . i’m sure i’ll figure out something.
other recent back-to-school online purchases:  a hand pump [i got the avent that some of you recommended – was thinking it would be nicer for my evening pump to just bring this to the couch rather than the whole big electric setup] + motherlove more milk plus [i got this before some of you recommended the special blend, but i’ll try that too if this doesn’t seem to do anything.]
3.  sunday dinner = the night i try to make something a little homey, and that will generate leftovers.  we had picked up some eggplants from the farmer’s market, and i was excited to make some eggplant parmesan.  i definitely recommend this easy baked version from whole foods.  nice breaded crispiness and pretty much foolproof!

4.  day care hi-jinks.  i went to pick up miss a. in a fever-filled haze yesterday.  confession: i entered the room and literally SCANNED RIGHT OVER HER as she was wearing her ‘extra’ outfit and i was expecting red stripes!  i actually said ‘where’s annabel?’ before realizing that she was right in front of me, and i think the day care worker was slightly horrified that i failed to zero in on my own baby.  in my defense i was feeling terrible and her ‘extra’ outfit is a blue number that looks very boyish.  but i still feel a little bit ridiculous for this.

on the positive side, she played with paint!!  and they printed out this CUUUUUTE pic!!!  just wish i had been there.

5.  i am going to work today because hey, if i can blog i can probably sit around and play with data, yes?  but i will plan on coming home early for a nap if my fever breaks through the tylenol or if i feel bad.  i have to admit it’s so nice to be in the lab where that’s actually an option [as opposed to the clinical side of things where you are just expected to suck it up].

* i never run with a fever.  the body is already working overtime; it just seems wrong [and not beneficial in the least] to rev things up even further.

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