weekEND day in the life

October 8, 2012
i’ve documented
the harried pace of a workday with an infant:  daycare drop-off, rushed [if any] morning playtime, and pumping galore.  thankfully, 28% of life is different.  very very different.  of note, even though i do work 1 out of 3 weekends [including nights], i am lucky enough to have a job where i still get to spend most of my time at home on those days.  
this weekend, though, i was off.  josh was not.  for the most part, it was just me . . . and the muffin.
we begin at 6:20 am.
miss a. is an early riser.  and therefore, so am i.  i try not to let her get away with wake ups before 6, but afterwards i figure it’s fair game.  [she does go to bed quite early, after all.]
i feed her, change her diaper, and then we hang out.  she watches me unload the dishwasher and prepare breakfast:
this particular saturday, she was sporting some awesome fluffy hair

i eat — enjoying some caffeine along with my meal — and try to prioritize/plan out the day, all while singing/talking to/entertaining a.
then it’s time for her breakfast:
carrots and apples — breakfast of [baby] champions
then, lots of floor time.  for both of us.  this saturday, i moved her from room to room as i attempted to tidy things up from a hectic week.
mom, what’s with the camera today?  trying to play in peace here . . .
playtime continues until the smiles start to disappear:
the closest she’ll ever come to a mohawk

no smiling = clear indicator of naptime.
9:00 am:  down for the count.

i get my run on . . .

5 miles with a mag

on saturday, i was lucky enough to get my whole planned workout in AND a post-run shower plus some closet organization.  today?  not so much.  thankfully, with motherhood has come a very laid-back attitude about these things.  as long as i get to do something, i’m happy.
10:30 am:  a is up!  i feed her, get her dressed, and head out to brunch to meet e. and her supercute son g.  annabel and 6 month old g get along like old pals.  unfortunately, we weren’t coordinated enough to each hold our babies and get a good photo! 

annabel played on my lap until the food came, and then she got a little break in her seat:

12:30 pm:  signs of crankiness.  time for another nursing session for her, followed by nap #2.  this one lasts an hour — actually really good for her [today’s naps did not go quite so well . . . ]

1:30 pm:  up and ready to play!  lots of sitting, rolling around, and even some dancing together.  perhaps even to “call me maybe” when it came on pandora.  unfortunately, it’s still in my head . . .

3:30 pm:  smiles are gone.  i feed her again, and it’s time for nap #3 — and she always fights this one.  eventually she succumbs, but it only lasts 30 minutes.  while she naps, i snack + answer some emails.
4:30 pm:  dinnertime!  we try out her high chair aaaand — victory!  she loves it.  oatmeal mixed with [breast]milk + banana:
5:00 pm:  more singing.  dancing.  playing.  a FaceTime session with grandparents.
6:00 pm:  bedtime routine begins!  bath . . .

dear mom, thank you for cropping this photo.  love, your future embarrassed daughter a.

 followed by lotion / pajamas / book / feeding / bed.  she is asleep by 7, and usually goes down easily at the end of the day.

7:00 pm:  time to cook, get organized, drink a beer, and watch modern family

10:00 pm:  the time when i should have pumped.  instead, i went to bed.
1:30 am:  feeding.  nice and cozy if it weren’t for the whole tired part.
5:30 am:  feeding.  and several failed attempts to get a. to go back to bed.
aaaaaaand that’s a wrap!
it’s not all hearts and flowers
actually having a bit of an emotional night tonight as i just had to give annabel a bottle – the first time i’ve ever done that.  despite two hearty meals today [avocado and sweet potatoes for her dinner tonight!] she was not satisfied after i nursed her in the evening and i had nothing left to give . . . other than the pumped milk from friday in the fridge.  
i will admit that it hurt my heart but i just knew her cries were hunger, and she passed out after downing 3 oz.  
i did cry, but am really hoping that we can maintain our breastfeeding relationship [if not 100% during the weekends, at least at night/in the AM] even when supplementing becomes incorporated into the routine.  i have decided against reglan/domperidone [perhaps more on that another time] and will let things happen naturally.  i am still going to pump 4x/day.  but i am going to stop worrying about using up the stash, and i will throw formula into the mix when it’s gone — likely by the end of the month. 
it still makes me sad, but i know everything will be ok.