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December 19, 2012

a bit of catch up

annabel is sick.  not terribly sick, but she has her first official ear infection [yes, i took her to the pediatrician and no, i didn’t look in her ears myself].  she earned a 10 day course of amoxicillin and extra rocking, soothing, and a nap with mom in bed today.  thankfully i didn’t have clinic, so i just missed a day of lab work.  and really, i’m pretty thrilled that she’s made it through 6 months of day care before her first full sick day + need for antibiotics!

✔ she is also officially crawling.  as of today!  she had been getting around with a backwards scoot for weeks, but today she finally decided to do things the ‘regular’ way.  so, our sick day ended up being a pretty exciting one, too.

[pic of her practicing the plank from this weekend]

✔ i’m kind of getting INTO running again.  not just to prove something or get back in shape, but really and truly as a hobby again.  i logged some faster miles this weekend, at least according to mapmyrun on my phone [i think that app overestimates pace a bit, but at least it provides me with a basis for comparison with other mapmyrun workouts].

— 3.3 miles with the stroller, moderate hills on saturday at 9:10/mi pace
— 6.9 miles on sunday without the stroller.  8:08/mi for the first three [east campus], then 8:33/mi for the rest [tobacco trail]

i was even inspired by meggie to take advantage of the holiday deal at believeiam.  i don’t think there is a specialized paper product that i’m NOT at least somewhat interested in . . . and this sweatshirt looks like perfect comfortable lab wear.

the weekend, while bittersweet, was beautiful.  lots of time with good friends and with miss a.  josh and i enjoyed a fabulous date night on saturday evening with k and dr. s at one our favorite restaurants, revolution.  they surprised us with an amaaaazing bottle of 10 year old wine straight out of napa valley, and we just had such a great time.
we will be moving to opposite corners of the US, but i know we will stay close friends.  we are already plotting various meet ups/wine-tasting expeditions.  
peanut butter banana tart @ revolution – i LOOOVE their desserts.

i also got to see susan and sara!  we met up for brunch downtown and annabel mostly behaved herself [sara, sorry she is SOOOO in love with grabbing hair 🙂 ].  i promise she is not as sun-bleached in real life as she appears below:

✔ i got a 2nd job interview . . .  so it’s back to FL in january!  it’s okay to wear the same suit jacket and shoes again if i get a different dress to put under it . . . right?  i hope?

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