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January 9, 2013

resolution report
obviously i’m not going to do this every week.  because i’m pretty sure none of you want to read 52 treatises on my inability to floss past the month of january [until 2013!  right!?].

but maybe a monthly feature will be doable.  and i thought that since they’re still fresh, i might as well take a moment to provide an early status report.

first:  yes, i’m writing things down in the little notebook above.  because 
a) i am that nerdy
b) i love keeping records like this [and enjoy being a Luddite in this realm even though i’m sure there’s an ‘app for that’]
c) benjamin franklin and gretchen rubin seem like reasonable role models
d) i find it really motivating

january goals:  a brief report

AM routine:  despite some really [really] early wakeup calls from miss a, this has definitely been an improvement!  i’ve done a much better job at prepping things the night before [a’s bottles, my lunch, etc] and planning enough time in the AM to avoid rushing and therefore have a much more enjoyable start to the day.  i’ve been able to fit in a workout every day that i’ve planned AND still get to work on time, though sometimes that means taking annabel out in the BOB at sunrise*.  
so far i feel like this resolution is a success on two counts — i’m more productive AND happier.  hopefully i can keep it up.
flossing:  CHECK x 7 so far [and will be 8 in a few minutes].  admittedly i’m always good about flossing in january.  i may have to continue this checklist down the road even when it’s not a ‘primary’ goal in later months.
studying:  my goal is a fairly specific and reasonable one — 15 minutes/day on weekdays — but my efforts have been MEH so far.  i’ve put in the time most days, but i don’t feel truly engaged or systematic with what i’m doing.  i think i need to create a more structured plan AND start writing things down while i’m studying.  it slows me down but somehow i retain things a million times better when i write them out!  
for pediatric endocrinology, there is a zillion-page document of “specs” that we are supposed to know.  [hey, it’s actually online!  and fine, i guess it’s only 85 pages].  i think i need to print that out and make a gigantic binder or 3 and just go through it with a fine-toothed comb, doing notes on each of the points.  
and maybe i need an incentive!  if i get through it by the end of fellowship:
new work bag?  if i have a job to take it to, anyway!
slow cookin’
and loving it.

pork ragu [over fettucine] from this month’s real simple:  

the recipe isn’t on their site yet, but a blogger wrote it up here.  super-easy winter comfort food.
[broccoli oversteamed into oblivion because i wrote a blog entry while cooking it.  i would not recommend this.]
pic of the day:
new shoes!
okay, they don’t fit yet.  but i can’t wait until they do!  thank you v!!!
* it’s been a little chilly, but not too bad.  she doesn’t seem to mind at all in her fleece suit.  thankful that i live in north carolina rather than dakota.  

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