January 20, 2013

you know those blogs in your google reader that you read just because they’re there and you want to take a break for a few minutes?

the ones that aren’t really fun to read and don’t offer anything valuable, and the only reason they’re still there is that you want to make sure you don’t ‘miss anything’?

a few that often make you feel bad — whether it be due to envy, or portrayal of a lifestyle that seems unrealistic, or because there’s so much passive aggressive humble-bragging that you just can’t take it?

and some that — yeah, i’ll admit it — you can’t stop reading because it’s sort of a grotesque situation/train-wreck sort of thing?


left are sites that:

– are just fun or inspiring to read

– offer useful tips [like many blogs of other moms with similarly-aged babies]

– are written by people that i really like — friends from the blogworld [including those kind enough to comment here] or friends/family in real life

– make me happy

and MAN i feel good!!

[after shot, NOT a before]
[[and NO this is not even close to the whole list!]]

PS: if my subscribers take a huge dive after this post i’ll try not to take it personally!

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