January 4, 2013

i’m pumped that it’s the new year and all
seriously, i live for january 1.  however, i am currently suffering [slightly] under round 2* of a mysterious bug that makes all food undesirable and leaves me slightly feverish and sapped of energy**.

SO, i will just say that i have loved reading all of the fresh new years’ posts and that i really DO feel somewhat inspired to make the changes i wrote about, and some things i haven’t yet — as soon as i stop feeling so draggy.

* in a 2 week period.  bah.

** no, not pregnant.  and yes, i checked.

in other news:
i’m overdue for an update, but i think i’ll wait until a’s 9 month checkup next week to include all of her vital stats.  but in summary, she is currently pulling to stand, repeating ‘uh oh’ [when she feels like it], and doing some brief cruising.  she is very proud with her new abilities.

[post-bath hair.  i think she might end up with curls!]

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