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January 29, 2013

and ready for a little backup.  and, you know, some company at dinner that can talk [baaa ba bee ohhh pthhh etc doesn’t count].  thankfully josh arrives home tomorrow.

“mommy, what are you saying?  
i am a fantastic conversationalist.  and i love these carrots!”

thinking about
* habits [inspired by this zen habits post].

* how i really, REALLY don’t feel like i have enough time in my 168 hours* [sorry, laura vanderkam!  and i mean this in the most respectful way.  maybe i just need to keep excavating for those minutes . . .]

* sleep.  i wish i could be one of those people who feels great on 7 hours/night — but i’m not.  SO not.  i really should study now [and let’s face it – probably should have studied rather than written this post, even if it’s short].  but i’m already totally tired.**

on the up-side:
i’m sure i’m behind the times [it came out in january — of 2012], but LOVING the self-titled django django.


fantastic running music.  or baby dancing music.  definitely check it out.

* not at all trying to say that i have a woah-is-me-soooo-busy life.  i actually don’t at all right now.  one [easy] baby.  one manageable job.  i just — as always — want to do more than actually fits in the week.

** it’s 9:28 pm and i’m going to suck it up and study for 30 minutes now that i’m re-reading what i wrote.  so, yay.

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