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January 19, 2013

why do new type 1 diabetes patients always come in clusters [often, oddly enough, of 3]?

why do i suddenly think that it’s okay to eat half a [delicious dark chocolate with ginger] chocolate bar in one sitting when 1 square used to be plenty?

am i ever going to get used to january temps like this?

why am i feeling rather unmotivated to study DESPITE now having a totally awesome binder of nerdiness just begging to be filled up with notes?  [and the best pens ever?]

maybe because it’s friday night . . . 

why am i SO much more keyed-up and anxious on non-running days?  [and, what would happen if i just started running every day?  oh right:  an injury and burnout.  therefore, no.]

just how long will i have to wait until the whole job situation is settled?

how did i get so lucky?

additional quick notes:
1) still flossing!  17 days so far!!
2) HOUSE still happening!  inspection is on monday.  crossing fingers.
3) these coconut-carrot morning glory muffins [on my january recipes list] are so good — i made them last weekend and have been enjoying them all week.  whole grain, fairly low in sugar, and they contain carrots!   my only regret is using honey as directed [instead of subbing with maple syrup perhaps] because they are not baby-friendly.

4) annabel has figured out finger food!  as of wednesday.  it was like a lightbulb went off in her head.  excited to start feeding her regular meals.

5) this is going to be a busy call weekend — i can tell.  but STARTING NOW i am going to:

— relax and remember to slow down like i have been
— remember to APPRECIATE all of the experience because [i hope] i’ll be on my own very soon
— have fun.  even with the pager!  [it helps that i’m off monday.]

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