snow in NC

January 17, 2013

so they’re predicting snow for tomorrow

maybe some ice, too.  of course [of course] tomorrow is my clinic day — and it’s the one day a month that i work out of our raleigh office, a 30-minute commute from where we live in durham.  
potential scenarios:
1) day care + clinic both open.  life is good.
2) day care + clinic both closed.  life is even better!  [love clinic, but a bonus annabel day would be super amazing].
3) day care open + clinic closed.  HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right.  
4) day care closed + clinic open.  really REALLY hoping this will not be the case.
in actuality, it would be okay because josh’s schedule tomorrow happens to be fairly flexible.  he has a conference to attend at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am, but could take annabel at 7:45 so that i could drive to clinic slowly and still be [relatively] on time.  but if we both had ‘essential’ duties, it would be such a mess!  file this under things i never really thought about having to worry about as a parent.

house update:
things are happening.  very exciting!

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