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February 12, 2013
just some recent observations

1.  nighttime motivation.  i have absolutely NO desire to study or do anything productive after work.  my brain is basically mush.  i just want to do a minimum of dinner prep, eat, read, blog, lie around, watch TV,  etc.  i wish this were not the case, but IT IS, and i don’t see things changing any time soon. i am going to have to figure out another way to prep for boards.  step one may be tabling it for a few months until it seems a little more urgent — resolutions aside.  yeah, i said it.
2.  gymboree.  i never thought i’d really be into such things, but annabel and i went this past saturday and . . . it was great!  she liked it.  and i loved that she liked it.  plus it was fun to do something that was entirely focused on her but wasn’t confined to her room, the only [somewhat] child-proofed area we have.
although she does manage to have a good time there.

3.  i might be injured.   the pain sort of reminds me of hip pain that sidelined me from a marathon in 2008.  i have a tear visible on MRI in some connective tissue in that hip joint, and i’m wondering if it leaves me more susceptible strains on that side for whatever reason.  however, this time it’s kind of weird.  i ran 9.5 miles on saturday [treadmill] and 4 on sunday [w/ stroller] with no pain whatsoever, but i did fall in an incredibly UNgraceful way last night, landing on my butt on our hard floor.  the pain didn’t start until today, but the tenderness is at the right ileopsoas tendon.
somehow related the fall?  a delayed running reaction?
i have no idea, but i am not pleased.  tomorrow i’m supposed to rest anyway, so hopefully this will be short-lived.
4.  speaking of rest:  i have made the sweeping decision that:
a) i only want to cook on ONE weekday/week.  this basically means cooking two meals sunday and two meals on another weekday [ie, wednesday].  it also means using the slow cooker and prepping casserole-type things in advance.  i’m starting to care less and less about what we actually eat and more about efficiency and just getting a healthy meal on the table.  especially since this chica is eating it too.

although usually she eats early so she gets it in leftover form.  she doesn’t mind.

b) i want to sleep in on TWO weekdays/week [ie, get up at 6 rather than 5 to work out].   this means planning in two weekday rest days even though my slightly OCP* alter ego is raising one [meticulously  tweezed] eyebrow in mild disapproval.  therefore, i am now aiming for 4 runs and 1 jillian michaels workout/week, plus a bonus yoga or strength session on weekend run day #2 if i have time/feel like it.  i am not going to set any speed records on this regimen, nor am i going to get in some kind of incredible shape.  but i will feel good and enjoy life.  which — though sometimes i need reminding — is kind of the point.
5.  activities i do NOT enjoy doing with annabel:
a) cutting nails

it’s a surgical procedure, hence the scrubs

b) bathtime!  i wish i loved it [and i don’t hate it or anything], but annabel never seems to be happy when i have her in there at the end of a long day.  the best is when josh gets home in time and i can stretch out on the couch while he gets her all clean and nice-smelling.  
6.  reading in bed is the best
i sort of forgot how incredibly relaxing this is.  i tend to rush around during annabel’s naps on the weekend – either running or doing laundry, food prep of some sort, cleaning, or planning god-knows-what.  on sunday, i pre-emptively decided to make a’s afternoon nap just pure unadulterated me time.  i ended up spending 90 minutes in bed reading state of wonder [i’m about 2/3 through — what a great read so far!] and it basically felt like the most luxurious thing in the world.  
* obsessive compulsive personality, not oral contraceptive pill.  i’ll admit to my leanings in this direction though i have definitely gotten much better with age.

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