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March 11, 2013

josh left for miami this morning to start househunting, and he took annabel along since i was on call this weekend.

i can’t believe she is going to grow up here
it was the weirdest feeling this morning to come home to an empty house after dropping them off at the airport.  while i’m used to having her at day care, i never realized until today how much my weekends revolve around annabel — even when on call. 

the house was so still and quiet today [well — punctuated by some pages].  it was a nice break in some ways, but i am sure i smiled far less today than i do on a regular saturday with miss a around.  especially when josh is there too.

i thought i’d be incredibly productive on my own, but as it turns out chores tend to sort of fill the space that they are given.  plus, we were fairly busy at work.

run:  i did get in my last long run before next week’s tobacco road half.

10.54 mi / 8:40 average — according to mapmyrun, which is probably ~10 mi / 9:00 average in real life.  i don’t really have any ambitious goals for the race.  it would be nice to beat my previous post-baby PR, which was something like 1:56 at rambling rose in october.

i ran tobacco road at 1:47:something in 2010 but will have to let go of getting anywhere near this pace at this juncture.  i just don’t see spending much more time training right now — and 20-30 miles/week isn’t enough to get me in PR form.  i’m okay with that, and am planning on focusing on shorter distances for a while after this [fast 5K!].

i picked one from your recs:

i was reminded about her type 1 diabetes when reading the blurbs on amazon, and that got me really interested given my profession.  this isn’t a typical book choice for me, but i am looking forward to getting into it.  downloaded the kindle edition [to read on my iPad mini] — we’ll see how i feel about the eBook experience.

SO missing the muffin.

this picture doesn’t help

— and very excited to be reunited tomorrow.  i’m headed down to join them both for 3 days of househunting and straightening-out-of-loose-ends.  we will be touring her [likely] future daycare and looking at many houses [we had previously put an offer on a house but due to inspection issues we cancelled the deal]. wish us luck!

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