day 3: in brief

March 9, 2013

another quickie!

project stop-checking-email went fairly well.  i didn’t stick 100% to my allotted times, but i’m pretty sure i logged in less than 10x throughout the day, and i’m done for the evening.  trust me: that is progress!

we switched to EPIC [a fancy new electronic medical record system to replace the home-grown EMR we had previously] in clinic today, after months of build-up.  it was actually . . . fine.  there are plenty of bells and whistles i still have to learn, but building notes and creating discharge sheets wasn’t that bad.

this post seemed apropos after clinic today.  and also to the fact that i’m on call this weekend and it is likely to be fairly busy.  i’m ready and will try my best not to superimpose my own expectations on how things are ‘supposed’ to be.

thank you all for the book recs!!  i haven’t decided yet, but they’re all going onto a list of potentials.  in fact, i’ll preserve it here so that i can find it again 🙂

the list:
orange is the new black
brain on fire
bossypants [though already read it while essentially waiting to give birth!]
mom energy [jenny, i’m assuming this is the right one – perhaps ‘mum energy’ is the brit version!]
7: an experimental mutiny against excess
the same kind of different as me
my beloved world
beautiful forevers
in the garden of beasts
the signal and the noise
inherent vice
gone girl

interesting that these are mostly memoirs/non-fiction!  i tend to read more fiction [murakami obsession . . .] but would love to branch out, so this is a great place to start.  thank you!

time to check labs
and then probably pass out.  i just ran [only 2.25 mi though], did some jillian michaels, and had THIS for dinner:

enough to wear out pretty much anyone.

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