mindful notes: day 2

March 8, 2013

why not?
apparently, i’m much more motivated to journal when i might get some feedback.  so, here are my scattered notes re: mindfulness from the day . . .

1) i check my email as a “break” and i do this FAR more than is necessary.

i am now aware of this and WILL break the cycle.  this month.  now, even.

i always tend to be vague about my intentions to stop this habit, but tomorrow i would like to implement a strict schedule:  i will check only 5x:

— 1st thing in the AM
— at around 8-9 AM at work
— before lunch at ~12PM
— at the end of the work day
— before bed

that’s it.  wish me luck.

2) i love running in the morning, and it absolutely puts me in a much more patient and centered mood for the rest of the day.  today was extra special in that i was able to sneak in an AM run without having to get up at 5, because josh took annabel to day care.  i snuck in 4 treadmill miles at 7:20am and made it to work before 9.  it felt incredibly indulgent.

3) i am having trouble with mindfulness in the lab in particular.  to be honest, it is because i find the work difficult and not terribly exciting.  however, i have a project to complete and a limited time frame in which to do it.  i am going to try as hard as i possibly can to immerse myself in writing and understanding the data i have [as well as planning out any future experiments that still need to happen to tie up loose ends.]

finished this book last night:

i loved this book, although like several of you i wasn’t terribly fond of the ending.  however, i did shed a few tears . . . and the truth is that the journey was so beautiful that the final destination didn’t matter to me all that much.

i’m not sure what’s next up, but i might delve into some non-fiction.  someone [i forget who!] recently mentioned always having a fiction AND non-fiction book going, but with a strict policy that they could only buy a new book once both were complete.  i like that idea!

any recs are appreciated!  i also am trying to decide whether to try reading the next book in 21st century style, on my iPad mini.  it sort of hurts my heart to abandon paper, but i also really appreciate the amazing portability [and lack of wasted space/paper!] of a digital library.

book recs?
have you switched to iPad/kindle reading?

next up in annabel’s literary cannon:

girlfriend is biscuit OBSESSED.  current words that she will say reliably:

— uh oh [often uttered after purposefully dropping her sippy cup on the floor.  it would be annoying if it weren’t so cute]
— da daaaaa
— woof woof [which she learned from biscuit, above]

words notably not on that list:

— mama

ahh well.  i’m trying not to be too insulted.

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