pretty much perfect

March 3, 2013

i just said to josh that if every saturday was essentially a carbon copy of today, i would be happy.

the essential elements:
no one on call.
annabel happy.
no one sick*
no major looming work deadlines [and therefore, no work].


6:20a greet a happy muffin sitting up and talking to herself in her crib.  in the dark.

8:00a kitchen dance party

9:00a long run in crisp ~40 degree sunshine – 10.6 mi / 92 minutes / 8:41/mi average pace according to mapmyrun+ which probably means ~9:00/mi in real life.  a new episode of sound opinions**.  i ran to work, plus a couple of east campus loops.  annabel napped and played with daddy.

12:30p gymboree.  as usual, annabel spent the first 10 minutes frozen in one spot, holding on to two plastic balls for dear life.  then she was all over the place!  she loves the parachute games they play.

1:30p brunch @ guglhupf with josh + a friend of ours from his UNC days.  and annabel, of course.  she ate nearly half an omelette [with cheese, spinach, mushrooms] plus fruit — and loved it.

3:00p naptime for annabel and me.  [in separate rooms, though.  as lovely as the whole ‘nap together’ thing has always sounded, i think i’m happier keeping our sleeping quarters separate].  glorious.

4:00p a snuggly bottle.  playtime.  facetime with bebe/poppy.  chasing miss a around the apartment.

6:00p dinner for annabel and a cryless bedtime routine [sadly, not the norm these days because i think she’s usually too tired by the time we start.]  we even got through THREE books!  a’s favorite is the very hungry caterpillar, in case you were curious.

7:30p sitting here writing this blog post and relaxing with a glass of red while josh watches the duke/miami game.  about to thumb through cooking magazines and do some menu planning.

8:00p ??? to be determined.  but there may be pizza.

* annabel’s runny nose doesn’t count.  that’s just day care permacold.

** one of my new favorite bands, foxygen, was mentioned on this week’s episode!  i have to admit, i felt pretty proud of myself for already knowing [and loving] one of the latest ‘desert island’ picks.  definitely recommend.

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