March 19, 2013

i need to go to sleep, but i also feel like i need to write.   in the past few days [weeks?] my mind has been in its own swirl of contemplation.

i’m not sure if it’s from hearing some really bad news about a coworker’s health, or annabel’s quickly approaching first birthday, but the passage of time has never seemed to be so real, and so . . . permanent.  or maybe it’s just the huge changes in my life currently on the horizon — in just a few short months, there will be new surroundings, new job, new loved ones close by — new everything.  although i suppose the important things [j, a] will be the same.
i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how i spend my time — and how i would feel, looking back on my life, if it were to be over sooner than i expected.  i’ve been so incredibly lucky thus far:  i know this. but that’s probably all the more reason i can’t take a single moment of what i have right now for granted.
i know i’m going to need to keep writing here, and i have a feeling there will be plenty to say!  but i think that the way i share things may change a little.  more stories, more short posts [one outfit!  one recipe!  why not?], and more real feelings/dilemmas.  fewer “this is what we did this weekend” recaps — but i’m not sure anyone will mind missing out on all that.
i also think i need to spend some time completely away from other blogs + social media.  the impending shutdown of google reader actually has me thinking that i may not try to find a replacement.  i will still remember to keep up with those who really inspire me [many of you!], and won’t ‘miss out’ on anything if i stop spending a chunk of time daily keeping up with people i don’t really know or love or learn from.  
however, i want to continue writing this blog for two reasons:   to at least attempt to capture the essence of what this crazy/wonderful period in my life is like, and as an outlet to help me process things as they happen. 
i hope to continue doing both of these things, and i hope you will continue to read as things evolve. 
thank you for getting this far!  
♥ ♥ ♥ 

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