toddler diet

March 4, 2013

what annabel ate today:

mixed grain cereal with apples + apricots
handful of [generic, organic] cheerios

1/2 of a sweet potato cut into cubes
peas & corn
some of my veg pizza

scrambled egg with a little milk
cantaloupe chunks
spinach + potato puree [jar]

water in sippy with meals
3 bottles of formula
2 x b-feeding from the tap

workout:  many squats, balancing moves, and uhh, floor work.

what i ate today:

waffles with peanut butter + raisins

slice of veg pizza [from whole foods w/ whole wheat crust], minus whatever a. ate

v-day chocolate

handful of granola

mirin-poached salmon with spring salad + some rice blend [from a bag]

more chocolate + a  small end-piece of rum-raisin cake

[some, but not enough] water

workout:  4.5 slow recovery miles with the muffin

she took off her socks when we were a mile away from home and wouldn’t keep them on, so i gave up!  i wonder if everyone in durham was judging me.

[her feet were freezing but she was still happy when this photo was taken at the end of the run, so i figured it was probably okay.]


it’s official: she eats about 20x healthier than i do.  something to work on for march!

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