8 assorted updates

April 7, 2013

1) i am FINALLY starting to feel like a human again after 7 days of viral (#*@#.   what started as a cold morphed into gastroenteritis and then finally became a sinus infection [i know, i don’t understand it either . . . but it was terrible].   i’m on amoxicillin now and either it’s doing something, or i was going to get better anyway.

i know this is incredibly boring to read, but in summary:  it was a very rough week.

2) on the tails of a rough week, i will say that today i have this sort of warm and fuzzy feeling, like — “oh yeah — THIS is how life usually is.”  i feel more content than usual and am honestly excited just to breathe through my nose again — even both nostrils at once!

i also feel like i need — NEED — to practice better self-care.  prior to this illness i had not been eating well, getting enough rest, or managing stress in an effective manner.  i’m sure that i would have gotten sick no matter what [day care germs are VICIOUS], but perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a marathon.

just enjoying being outside this AM w/ a

3) that said, i am incredibly behind on . . . like, everything.  it was NOT a good time to miss work.  tonight it’s nose-to-grindstone, though, and i am going to catch up as best i can.

4) my plans last week to NOT grocery shop, meal plan, cook from recipes, or do the laundry on the weekend?  yeah, that didn’t work out so well.  i realize that having the plague for a week probably derailed the experiment, but even so — i really hated NOT having a stocked fridge and closet.  so, it’s back to the usual routine this weekend.

oh, and eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria was awful, too.  i thought i could handle it for a month, but  no.  the salad bar is the only thing i can tolerate — just barely — and that has already gotten old.  therefore, it’s back to packing, even though i really don’t like having to do it.  [once i’m back in lab, though, i’m fine with eating at their caf — it’s definitely better quality food.]

5) i started my beloved world yesterday and i’m already so inspired and touched.  i also had a full-on crying session just 30 pages into the book, which is probably some kind of record.

6) josh ran a race yesterday!  i was unable to participate in my somewhat debilitated state, but did decide to bring a. and spectate at the last moment.  as it turns out, watching a 5K is pretty fun — it’s over so quickly, and annabel enjoys the finish line excitement.  josh hadn’t really trained but still ran it faster than my PR 3 years ago.  ahh, to have talent.  and a Y chromosome.

7) it’s a frustrating reality, but josh and i both really can’t miss much more work.  i think we are going to look into a backup care plan to help cover us if when annabel gets sick again.   i’m not sure if there are agencies around here that do this, but i would be willing to pay pretty dearly to have an ‘on call’ caregiver willing to come to our home if annabel was [mildly] ill and couldn’t attend daycare [conjunctivitis, for example].   has anyone tried this?

8) i just got back from a trip from the mall that was modestly successful.  the bounty:  one pair of cute mint green cropped pants [with a cool navy band at the top] for work, and a light airy sweater with a weave of beautiful rainbow stripes that i just couldn’t resist.  but i still need more work pants and practical tops.  my work wardrobe is just . . . lacking.  terribly.  i tried on j. crew’s cafe capris but they looked silly on me.  although i might attempt to order them in petite to see if that changes things.

happy weekend!

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