April 2, 2013

want vs need
i’ve been thinking more about wants, needs, marketing, and money in the past few weeks.


➤ i just read laura vanderkam’s all the money in the world on a whim last week [it was a quick read]

➤ we had been planning on taking a pretty extravagant trip at the end of fellowship, considering an all-inclusive resort [beaches turks & caicos] in the caribbean.  yes, it may be a little cheesy and not a terribly mind-broadening experience, but we thought we could bring annabel and get a great blend of alone time + family time, as they have excellent child care.   however, when we went to book it, we realized that financially we just can’t do it practically now.  i was initially disappointed, but we’re going to do a lower-key adventure instead [maybe 2-3 days in the keys].  more importantly, i know i’ll enjoy a trip like that more when we’ve actually earned enough to afford it comfortably.

in reading the book, i realized i had a long list of material wants in my head.  mind-dumping everything i could come up with:

makeup that isn’t 7 years old*
a purse that isn’t vinyl
sleep/loungewear that fits well and is cute
lingerie that also meets this criteria**
more summer dresses + tops
a pair of white jeans
nice sunglasses
a few pairs of earrings/necklaces*** [currently i own like 2 of each total]
work clothes that fit and aren’t all stretched out/frayed/etc — enough that i feel cute going to work every day
maybe a garmin
madewell mapview dress, $138
at times, i feel relatively justified in wanting these things.  however, i know i don’t NEED any of them.  and i honestly feel guilty and slightly dirty even thinking about these sorts of ‘upgrades’ when i think about what a luxurious life i already lead compared with so many in the world.  and for that matter, how can i justify many of the things that i already enjoy [ahem nice BABY CLOTHES] when i know they are really just extras?  am i simply a victim of really, REALLY good marketing to even think that i want these things?
life is complicated.  but i still really love this dress.
so blurry.  but tooooo adorable!
* from my wedding, except for mascara / eyeshadow that i wear daily.  ridiculous.

** i feel motivated to get a professional bra fitting once i am done w/ breastfeeding.  has anyone done this?  where?

*** not super-luxe stuff, necessarily.  just cute.

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