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April 21, 2013

don’t worry, i didn’t write one.
but, someone else did.  my favorite part of the article, in part a response to sandberg’s recent release, lean in:

“. . . But with other passages, I found myself shaking my head. By the time I reached the end, I felt deeply ambivalent, particularly on three points. First, Sandberg does not seem to get just how hard it is to have a demanding job and a meaningful family life if you cannot afford child care and other help. (She criticizes the lack of family-friendly policies in the workplace and recognizes that some women may find more meaning in staying home, but those small sections read like afterthoughts, or as if someone advised her to include them.)

Second, I suspect that she would probably have written a completely different book if her children were older and she were facing their imminent departure, rather than worrying about their bedtime. (With my daughter poised to leave for college, all I want is to have more time with her, not less.)

And third, I have to wonder if Sandberg does not realize that she is going to die someday. There is so little life and pleasure in her book outside of work. Even sex is framed as something that men will get more of if they pitch in and help their working wives. 

Success, particularly the kind Sandberg calls for, requires ever more time at the office, ever more travel. It requires always being available, always a click away. Sandberg is almost giddy when she describes getting up at 5 a.m. to answer e-mails before her children wake up and getting back on her computer once they are asleep.

“Facebook is available 24/7 and for the most part, so am I,” she writes. “The days when I even think of unplugging for a weekend or a vacation are long gone.”

Imagine what that life looks like to a child. Imagine what it looks like to yourself when you are 80. 

That is not how I want my daughter to live, and it is not how I want to live.”

definitely check out the article – would love to know your thoughts.

in other news
✿ i went to nordstrom and got fitted for bras!  and dropped more $ on lingerie than i ever thought possible.  ie: their plan worked.

✿ i organized my closet during a’s nap yesterday and it was pretty glorious.  all maternity and ‘transitional’ pieces are now out of the way [yeah, it’s been a year, but at least i did it!].  i realized earlier this week [after wearing an older dress] that i pretty much fit into all of my old clothes again, and i have to admit it makes me happy to have so many pieces back in the rotation.*

✿ we took annabel to tapas last night.  she was a fan.

✿ biscuit is still reigning supreme around here.  she “woof-woofed” herself to sleep last night.  i’m not kidding.

✿ other than bra shopping, it’s been quite a chill weekend – and mostly just me with miss a.  we are having fun.  


✿ grocery shopping at 7:30 am is basically the best thing ever, as i learned today [she was up at 6 and i figured . . . why not?]
✿ my only goal for the rest of the day is to get ice cream here:

happy weekend to all!

* as some of you may remember, i had to part ways with a lot of my closet in order to help with the TTC process back in 2010-11.  i have no idea what my fertility will be like post-annabel — only time will tell, as i’m just a couple weeks out from the end of our breastfeeding.  i did not set out to lose weight after annabel but i do find myself more comfortable at this size — it’s just reality.  and it sort of seems to be my default.   that said, i will happily hit the ice cream HARD if i have to once we’re ready to start trying for #2.  and i am confident it will be a million times easier this time around.

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