5 notes about running lately

May 15, 2013
1.  i’m using my paper running journal again after a brief hiatus.  i actually really like being able to see trends in my pace this way and there is something just so satisfying about marking a run down in ink.

trends i have noticed from looking at the log:
– stroller runs are getting gradually faster
– i skip a fair number of runs but overall i have been pretty consistent with at least 4 runs/week.
– i am extremely consistent re: cross training.  as in, consistent about skipping it!  oops.

2.  i’m still planning on getting a GPS [likely garmin].  after i start my new job.  i hate being excited about splits on mapmyrun but knowing that they’re likely inflated in my favor by at least 2-3%.  yes, i suppose i can still see trends but i really like having trustworthy data.

3.  i want to get faster, and i don’t even really have a race on the horizon.  i’d like to find a 5K and i want to go sub-23 again [my PR is 22:53].  and then i want to get faster than that.

4.  josh keeps talking about training for a marathon after we move back to miami . . . perhaps in early 2014?  i’m not sure yet since i just don’t know what our lives will be like, but i’m not ruling it out, either.  and i think it would be fun to train together.  [of note, i know that i will have to cut way back on running when we’re ready to try for #2, but i’m really not feeling ready for that yet — just enjoying annabel and life as it is now.]

5.  i have two pairs of athleta running shorts that i love – the dash shorts from last year.  i went to order more, and they don’t exist anymore!  i may try the stability shorts [shown below] instead, but they somehow look a little flimsier to me.  has anyone tried these?

from the athleta site.  [ie, definitely not me]

recs for shorts with a flat waistband?

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